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Episode begins with Parvati and Shiv takes pheres. Brahma says that marriage rituals are over and Shiv and Parvati are husband and wife from now on. Post marriage rituals begins. Parvati tells Shiv to not lose deliberately like last time. Meanwhile, people gossips about the promise Shiv gave to Tarakasur. Maid tells Mainavati that the latter should know how Shiv saved the guests from Tarakasur’s custody.

Shiv and Parvati takes the ring from milk bowl. He tells her that they won. Mainavati asks that they are celebrating which win. She tauntingly tells Shiv that he lost everything already. Parvati asks her that what happened. Mainavati asks her to ask Shiv. She asks Shiv to say what promise he gave to Tarakasur and what else Shiv gave to Tarakasur. She reveals that Shiv gave his weapon to Tarakasur to save the guests.

Narad asks Shiv that why the latter did that. Goddess Lakshmi tells Shiv that Tarakasur won’t fear anyone now. Brahma says that Shiv’s promise made Tarakasur more arrogant. He asks him that why the latter did that.

Mainavati tells Shiv that she thought he has solution for all the problems but he brings problems. She says that Shiv gave chance to Tarakasur to kill the latter’s son. She asks him that how can he do that. Parvati tells her that Shiv can do that. She says that only Shiv can take this difficult decision. She tells Shiv that the latter need not to give explanation to anyone including her.

Mainavati tells Parvati to not underestimate the power of wife. She says that Shiv took this decision without Parvati’s permission which is wrong. Parvati tells her that she understands the importance of wife rights. She says that husband and wife should trust each other and they have rights to take decision alone. And says that Shiv won’t take any decision without thinking about anything. She asks everyone to trust Shiv.

Mainavati asks Parvati that if the latter don’t worry about her son. Parvati tells her that she and Shiv cares about their son. Narayan tells Mainavati to trust Shiv’s decision. He says that everyone should trust Shiv like Parvati. He reminds Mainavati that Shiv can kill Tarakasur.

Parvati reminds Mainavati that the latter only advised her to understand Shiv’s responsibilities. Mainavati tells Parvati that the latter started following the advise already. She tells Shiv that she forgot he is not just her son in law. She apologizes to him for saying all that. Shiv tells her that she need not to apologize because he respects her love for Parvati. He promises to love Parvati like Parvati’s parents. He says that he know he gave promise and his weapon to Tarakasur but he know to solve this issue.

Episode ends.

Precap – Parvati’s bidaai happens. One lady blesses Parvati saying that the latter will get many children.

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