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Episode begins with Mahishaasur tells Shukracharya that he defeated Lord Shiv’s son so he is not scared of Lord Narayan’s avatar. He says that he will go to Sage Parshuram’s ashram and he will bring Kamdhenu. He adds that everyone will understand he don’t follow rules but he creates rules. He leaves from there with asurs. Shukracharya tells Diti that Mahishaasur is going to do wrong.

On the other hand, Lord Shiv tells Mata Parvati that earlier he stopped her as Mahadev. He says that now he is apologizing to Mata Parvati, as her Shiv. He adds that he is apologizing as father too. Mata Parvati gets shocked hearing this.

Meanwhile, Mahishaasur reaches Sage Parshuram’s ashram with asurs. He spots Kamdhenu. He orders asurs to bring Kamdhenu. Sages asks Mahishaasur to leave from there. Asurs attacks Sages on Mahishaasur’s behest. Sage Parshuram sees this who was doing meditation. He attacks asurs from his place. Mahishaasur gets shocked seeing this. Sage Parshuram comes there and glares at asurs. Mahishaasur asks Sage Parshuram that whether the latter is Sage Parshuram.

In the Kailash, Mata Parvati ignores Lord Shiv and makes laddus. Lord Shiv tells Mata Parvati that he is apologizing to her as father and husband. She tells him that his apology can’t heal her wound and leaves from there. He promises on their love that he won’t move from there until she forgive him.

Mahishaasur says that he want Kamdhenu and he will get Kamdhenu no matter what. Sage Parshuram calls Mahishaasur as fool. He taunts Mahishaasur for coming to his ashram to get Kamdhenu. He threatens to kill Mahishaasur. Mahishaasur tells Sage Parshuram that Sage can’t kill him due to Brahmadev’s boon. He ties Sage Parshuram and laughs.

Sage Parshuram calls Lord Shiv. Mahishaasur tells Sage Parshuram to keep calling Lord Shiv until he takes Kamdhenu to asurlok. Sage Parshuram asks Lord Shiv to stop this sin. Lord Shiv hears this. Mahishaasur tells Sage Parshuram that no one can stop him and laughs. He leaves from there with Kamdhenu.

Lord Shiv tells Sage Parshuram that he can free the latter but he can’t give Kamdhenu. He frees Sage Parshuram. Then he asks Mata Parvati to forgive him. Mata Parvati tells him that she will be adamant like him and she won’t forgive him. He sends flower to her to convince her. She looks at flower and ignores Lord Shiv. He sends more flowers to her ( Title song plays in the background ). Mata Parvati smiles.

Sages tells Sage Parshuram that they should follow Mahishaasur to get Kamdhenu. Sage Parshuram says that he will confront Lord Shiv. He adds that he will ask Lord Shiv that why Mahishaasur got boon like that.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Sage Parshuram tells Ganesh to move from there. Ganesh tells Sage Parshuram that he won’t move. Sage Parshuram says that he is Lord Shiv’s devotee and he attacks Ganesh with his weapon. Mata Parvati decides to punish Sage Parshuram. In HB o

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