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Episode begins with Kartikeya goes to garden and recalls Shiv’s words. Brahmadev asks Shiv that is it necessary in this situation. Shiv says that Parvati calmed Kartikeya down by taking Skandmata avatar. He asks how long Parvati can protect Kartikeya like that. Narad tries to say something. But Shiv interferes and says that it’s a father’s decision for his son. Narad nods at Shiv. Kartikeya asks them to take decision soon. He asks he should go to Kailash or not.

Parvati tells Shiv that even Adi Shakti can’t stay away from Kartikeya. Shiv tells her that she can accept or oppose his decision and she has all the rights to do that. He says that he did what he felt right for Kartikeya. He adds that he can’t commit sin by separating mother and son. She gets confused hearing him. He asks her to go to Kartikeya and think about everything. He tells her that he will accept her decision whatever it is. She nods at him.

Shumbh says that Parvati may convince Kartikeya like last time. Shanidev says that he won’t let that happen. He puts his vakra drishti on Kartikeya. He adds that even Parvati can’t do anything now.

Parvati goes to Kartikeya. Kartikeya asks her to tell about her and Shiv’s decision. He says that he want to know Parvati is on her husband side or her son side. She tells him that Shiv is Kartikeya’s father and if Shiv want to send Kartikeya to ashram for studies then Kartikeya has to go. She says that it’s Kartikeya’s parents decision. He tells her that she also want to stay away from him. She packs Kartikeya’s things.

Diti says that even Parvati could not do anything in front of Shanidev. Narayan asks Shiv that whether they don’t have any other solution. Shiv says that it’s necessary in this situation.

Kartikeya tells Parvati that universe will say she could not handle her son. Parvati wipes her tears. She tells Kartikeya that she will drop him in the ashram. Kartikeya tells her that she took decision and he will go by himself. He says that he won’t return to Kailash never. She tells him that she won’t ignore her responsibility. She says that she will drop Kartikeya in the ashram. She hope Kartikeya understands what is right and what is wrong.

Shiv says that he has to remain silent because Kartikeya won’t understand him. Kartikeya tells Shiv to stop Parvati. Shiv asks Parvati to let Kartikeya leave. Kartikeya says that he will go wherever he want to go. Parvati tells Kartikeya that he has to go to ashram for her. She says that she won’t accompany him. She gives bag to him. She says that these things will remind him about the moments they spent with each other. She hope Kartikeya will understand their love once he calm down. He throws the bag away. He asks what’s the need of it and leaves from there. Shiv says that Shanidev has to be punished.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Shukracharya tells Shanidev that he warned the latter. Shiv chases Shanidev and asks Shanidev to stop.

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