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Episode begins with Shanidev tells Parvati that he is not scared of anyone and he is ready to accept her punishment. Meanwhile, Diti says that Devas are selfish. She adds that even Narayan is seeing this unfairness. Shukracharya tells her that Narayan understands everything.

Narayan asks Parvati to stop it. Parvati tells Narayan to move aside. He tells her to stop, by trusting Shiv. He reminds her about Shiv’s promise. He tells Shanidev to apply vakra drishti on Shiv only for seven and half days. He says that it’s not matter it’s seven and half years or seven and half days because Shanidev just want to prove he is more powerful than Shiv. Parvati tells Narayan that it’s waste to explain Shanidev. Goddess Saraswati tells Shanidev to take decision before Parvati attacks him. Narayan tells Shanidev that whether the latter will change his timing.

Parvati says that today Shanidev will face Shanidev’s wrath. She is about to attack him. But Shanidev agrees to apply his vakra drishti on Shiv for seven and half days only. Parvati tells him that he will be punished no matter what. Narayan asks Parvati to calm down. He says that if Shanidev betrayed then Shiv’s promise will become invalid. He asks Parvati to go and handle Shiv. Goddesses and Brahmadev also tells Parvati to calm down. Parvati hears Shiv’s voice and takes her normal avatar and leaves from there.

Shanidev laughs. Narad tells Shanidev that next time they can’t save the latter from Parvati. Shanidev tells them to worry about Shiv. He says that everyone will remember how he applied his vakra drishti on Shiv. He adds that he is more powerful than Shiv.

Parvati goes to Shiv. Shiv tells her that he brought fruits for her and asks her to eat it. He feeds her. She thinks that she saved Kartikeya and she will save Shiv too. Shanidev says that Shiv can’t escape from his vakra drishti’s effect. He applies more of his vakra drishti on Shiv. Shiv asks Parvati that what is she doing. He says that he don’t have time to bring fruits for her. Nandi understands that Shanidev is responsible for Shiv’s rude behaviour towards Parvati. Shiv asks Parvati to eat fast. Parvati nods at him. She asks him to feed her. He feeds her.

Shanidev tells Narayan to go and save Shiv. He says that Narayan won’t be able to solve this problem and it will be interesting to see Narayan helpless. Narayan says that Shanidev will be punished for sure. Narad asks Shanidev to think what punishment Shiv will give after seven and half days. Shanidev says that he is not scared of both Shiv and Parvati and leaves from there.

Shukracharya says that Narayan changed the game. Shanidev comes there and says that he will make sure Shiv dance to his tune. Diti says that it’s best chance to ask Amritva from Shiv for Asurs. Shanidev says that he will help them. Asurs prays to Shiv on Diti’s behest.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shiv tells Narayan that he should go and give boon. He reaches Asur lok and says that he came there to give Amritva to Asurs.

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