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Episode begins with Shiv says that he will punish Shanidev and leaves from there. He screams Shanidev’s name.

In the Asur lok, Shumbh says that seems like Shanidev’s attack angered Shiv. He asks Shanidev that what the latter will do now. Ragu says that Shanidev is Guru so he must have a plan. Shanidev tries to leave from there. Shukracharya tells Shanidev that he already warned the latter. He says that it won’t be possible to escape from Shiv’s anger. He asks Shanidev to get ready to face the punishment from Shiv. Shanidev asks Shukracharya to worry about Shiv. He says that he has a way to defeat Shiv. Shukracharya says that it’s his responsibility to warn which he did. Shanidev leaves from there. Shumbh asks Diti that what will happen now. Diti says that they wanted Shiv’s family to get separated which happened. She adds that she don’t care what happens in between Shanidev and Shiv.

Parvati cries seeing the gifts she gave to Kartikeya. She recalls that how Kartikeya broke the gifts and left from there. Goddess Lakshmi asks Parvati to handle herself. Parvati says that it was Kartikeya’s favorite toy and he broke it easily. Goddess Saraswati tells Parvati that Kartikeya behaved like that because of Shanidev. Parvati says that her heart is not accepting it because mother can’t let anyone come in between motherhood and child.

Narayan says that mother gets separated from child because of child well-being. Narad says that they are in this situation because of Shanidev. He adds that no one can save Shanidev from Shiv.

Chandradev and Devraj Indra sees Shiv chasing Shanidev. Chandradev tells Devraj Indra that they should follow them. Devraj Indra tells Chandradev that no need of that. He says that they should find Rambh and Shyamala first.

Shumbh asks what will happen to Shanidev. Shukracharya says that Shanidev can’t escape from Shiv no matter what. Diti asks Shukracharya to not underestimate Shanidev. She says that let’s see what happens when Shiv and Shanidev comes in front of each other.

Shiv sees Shanidev and throws his trishul towards Shanidev. Shanidev gets shocked seeing this. He tries to leave from there. But Shiv stops Shanidev and says that father came to punish Shanidev, not Mahadev. He asks Shanidev to face him instead of running away like this. Then he asks Shanidev that why the latter did like that. Shanidev laughs. Narad asks why Shanidev is laughing instead of apologizing to Shiv.

Shanidev tells Shiv that the latter is really naive. He says that he is not scared of anyone, not even Shiv. He tells Shiv that he came there deliberately. Shiv looks around. Shanidev says that he brought Shiv to his powerful place.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shiv tells Shanidev that the latter will be punished for his crimes. Shanidev tells Shiv that the latter promised to fulfill his wish. He says that he wants to put his drishti on Shiv.

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