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Episode begins with Shanidev tells Shiv that he wanted to prove he can do anything that’s why he applied his vakra drishti on Kartikeya. Shiv says that Shanidev committed crimes for his selfish reason so the latter will be punished. Shanidev tells Shiv that he punishes universe. He tauntingly asks how Shiv can punish him. He says that he will punish Shiv. Narad asks Narayan that what Shanidev will do now. Shanidev tells Shiv that he wanted to do this from long time. He says that today Shiv is in his place and smriks. Shiv gets confused hearing this. Shanidev tells Shiv that he played with Kartikeya also like this. He recalls that how he trapped Kartikeya. He asks Shiv to realise why he brought the latter there.

Brahmadev says that Shanidev is forgetting his position. He asks whether Shiv will kill Shanidev. Narayan says that nothing like that will happen. He tells Brahmadev that the one who left from there angrily was father of Kartikeya, but now the one who is standing in front of Shanidev is Mahadev. He adds that Shiv won’t let anything bad happen with universe. Shanidev asks Shiv to think well.

In the Asur lok, Shumbh asks that whether Shanidev will apply his drishti on Shiv. Ragu says that Shiv said no one can put drishti on Shiv. Diti tells them that Shiv promised to fulfill Shanidev’s wish so Shanidev can use that promise today.

Shanidev reminds Shiv that the latter promised to fulfill his wish. He says that it’s time for Shiv to fulfill his wish. He adds that he want to apply his all of drishti on Shiv today. Everyone gets shocked hearing this.

Shanidev applies his drishti on Shiv. Parvati gets angry seeing this. Shiv’s eyes turns into red colour. Shanidev asks Shiv that how the latter is feeling now. He says that no one can save Shiv.

Parvati says that first Shanidev targeted Kartikeya, but now Shiv. She adds that last time Shiv stopped her but now no one can stop her. She takes an avatar. Narad asks Narayan to do something. Shanidev says that his power overpowered Shiv’s power. Narayan tells Shanidev that the latter did wrong. Shanidev says that he can do anything that’s why he applied his drishti on Shiv. Brahmadev says that Shiv won’t let this happen. Shanidev asks Brahmadev to accept the reality. He tells Shiv to tell the truth. Shiv says that Shanidev is most powerful in the universe and he will tell this truth to everyone. Shanidev arrogantly says that this is the reality of his power. He adds that he is above Shiv.

Shukracharya says that Shanidev can’t face Parvati’s anger. Parvati says that today Shanidev’s end is confirm.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shanidev tells Shiv to protect him from Parvati. Shiv tells Parvati that he won’t let her attack Shanidev.

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