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Episode begins with Lord Shiv asks Asurs to come in line to become immortal. Diti tells thanks to Lord Shiv. She chants har har mahadev. Everyone chants har har mahadev. Diti praises Lord Shiv and Shanidev.

On the other hand, Devraj Indra tells Narad that he will stop Lord Shiv from giving Amritva to Asurs. Narad taunts Devraj Indra for searching Shyamala forgetting his responsibility. Devraj Indra warns Narad to not forget the latter is talking to king of Devas. Narad says that Devraj Indra is king of Devas so the latter should have handled Shanidev. He adds that Devraj Indra failed to bring Shanidev to right path. He blames Devraj Indra for everything.

Lord Shiv gives Amritva to Asurs one by one. Devraj Indra comes there and asks Lord Shiv to not give Amritva to Asurs. Diti tells Devraj Indra that they got Amritva. She says that they became immortal like Devas. Asurs laughs. Devraj Indra gets sad hearing this. Shanidev says that this universe will remember this.

Asurs feels dizzy and loses their consciousness. Shanidev and Diti gets shocked seeing this. Lord Shiv smiles. Diti asks Asurs that what happened to them. She asks Lord Shiv that what he gave to Asurs and from when he started tricking Asurs. Shukracharya says that there is only one Deva who tricks Asurs. Lord Shiv turns into his real avatar Lord Narayan. Devraj Indra smiles seeing this. Shanidev wonders where is Lord Shiv if Lord Narayan is there then.

In the past, Mata Parvati tells Lord Shiv that he has to listen him today and she drags him from there. Narad asks Lord Narayan to do something.

In the present, Devas tells thanks to Lord Narayan. Devraj Indra tells Asurs that they can’t win until Lord Narayan is there. Lord Narayan tells Devraj Indra to learn to handle Shanidev. He tells Shanidev to rectify his mistake and leaves from there. Devraj Indra tells Shanidev to stop everything. Shanidev refuses to listen him. He says that he still has six hours to prove himself more powerful than Lord Shiv and leaves from there. Diti says that Lord Narayan ruined everything once again. Devraj Indra taunts Diti. Shukracharya scolds Devraj Indra and orders the latter to leave from there. Devraj Indra says that his work is done and leaves from there.

Lord Shiv asks Mata Parvati that how long she will hold his hand like this. She tells him that she won’t leave his hand for the next six hours. Meanwhile, Goddess Saraswati hope Lord Shiv don’t get angry. Lord Narayan says that they have to hide Lord Shiv for six hours. He adds that Ganga river is best place for that. Goddess Saraswati asks how they are going to convince Lord Shiv for this. They goes to Lord Shiv and Mata Parvati. Goddess Lakshmi asks Mata Parvati to let go off Lord Shiv’s hand. So Mata Parvati let go off Lord Shiv’s hand. Lord Shiv says that he is going to Kailash and leaves from there. Lord Narayan tells his plan to Mata Parvati. Mata Parvati goes to Lord Shiv asks him to prove his love for her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mata Parvati tells Lord Shiv to hide in the Ganga river if he loves her then. Lord Shiv takes human avatar.

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