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In the Colors TV show Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav, Shiv will dance with Vakrasur to kill the latter. Will Vakrasur’s death make Kartikeya realise his mistake?Check below to learn more.

Earlier its seen that, Vakrasur threatened to commit suicide if Shiv don’t come in front of him then. He danced and moved towards Agni kund to die. Shiv told Parvati that he is going to give boon to Vakrasur and left Kailash. Kartikeya told Parvati that Shiv fulfills everyone’s demand except his demand.

Shiv asked Vakrasur that what boon the latter want. Vakrasur said he wants to become immortal so he wants amṛtatva. Shiv told Vakrasur that amṛtatva is against rules so the latter should ask something else. Vakrasur said he want the person to die whose head he touch. Shiv gave that boon to Vakrasur and asked Vakrasur to use it for good things.

Kartikeya told Parvati that Shiv did wrong by giving boon to Vakrasur. Parvati told him that he is forcing Shiv to give Indralok throne to the latter. She said same way Vakrasur forced Shiv to give a boon. Vakrasur wondered will Shiv’s boon work or not. He decided to test Shiv’s boon. He planned to marry Parvati after Shiv’s death.

In the upcoming episode, Shiv will ask Vakrasur to do Tandav with him. Vakrasur will touch his head while dancing and he will die.

Will Kartikeya understand Shiv’s decision?

Will Diti’s effort go vain?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav, stay tuned to this space.