Teri Meri Dooriyaan shocking promo; fans reacted to Angad and Seerat’s closeness.

Star Plus’s Teri Meri Dooriyaan is a complicated tale of love and revenge. Angad and Sahiba are the sufferers. Seerat’s planning and plotting always bring high voltage to the show.

As we have reported, Seerat will be exposed for giving drugs to Sahiba. Angad exposed Seerat. He also threw her out of the house. Seerat again plans to avenge Angad and Sahiba. She curses Angad, saying that his love will be separated forever. 

In today’s episode, Angad and Sahiba spend quality time together. Both come close to each other. The beautiful moments between Angad and Sahiba were enjoyed by the audience. But love moments come with a twist. Seerat brings twists to the lives of Angad and Sahiba. 

Seerat plans to kidnap Angad. She manages to kidnap Angad. Sahiba will be injured. Seerat will give drugs to Angad. She will pretend to be Sahiba and will get close to Angad. 

The upcoming twist is disappointing the show’s fans. They feel disappointed in the upcoming episode. Seerat winning Sahiba and Angad is dragging the interest of the loyal viewers of the show. Fans predict Seerat will be pregnant with Angad’s child. The show will take the leap afterwards. Sahiba will raise her child away from Angad. SahAn reunion will be interesting to watch. 

For now, check out the fan reactions to the upcoming episode of the show.

“@cockcrow_shaika so you’re really willing to destroy the entire story just to keep C-Rat relevant in the story?? I knew it!! That 2 mins in the cabin was the carrot to pacify us through this torture—seeing that Rat on the screen. I ain’t watching bruh! #TeriMeriDoriyaann #SahAn”

“@cockcrow_shaika This is a very, very cheap, predictable track. If you have the guts to show this cheapness in other prime slot shows, be it prove me iam wrong, I guess you have never cared about this show that bought money #TeriMeriDoriyaann”

what seerat is doing is sexual haressment of Angad …she has been doing it for so long and it is crossing all limits now stop sexual haressment of angad by seerat #TeriMeriDoriyaann

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