On-going track of Colorstv drama Gathbandhan, is focusing on Dhanak falling in love with Raghu and other side she on her first day of joining has to investigate Raghu’s case.

High voltage drama is going on in colorstv show Gathbandhan with Dhanak becoming IPS and to a shock Raghu is her first criminal.

So far in the story, Raghu is caught by the inspector with the money in the sweet box. Raghu tells them it’s not his packet but inspector says he is thief and the money belongs to him only. Otherside, Dhanak receives her medal, badge and cap. She misses Raghu at the ceremony and later takes an oath that she will do justice without being biased. Dhanak misses Raghu. Meanwhile, Raghu beats the inspector and they arrest him and lock him up.

Dhanak reaches home and takes the blessings. She asks Preeti did she talked to Raghu? Preeti tells her that he is not answering the call. Dhanak goes back to the police station. She sees inspector dancing in his room. Dhanak salutes to him and Tawre asks her she is his junior, and he is in charge of the police department.

In the upcoming episode viewers will witness a shocking twist. Dhanak on her first day of duty will see Raghu in the lock up and gets shocked. Dhanak will cry seeing him later, Dhanak will say to Tawre that he can’t investigate the case without FIR. Tawre will say he don’t need FIR to investigate case. Meanwhile, Dhanak will make Raghu to confront the truth so that they can release Raghu out of the prison.

Do Dhanak will be able to free Raghu from the jail, time will only tell. What next happens in Gathbandhan will be interesting to watch.

Keep watching this space for more new updates.

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