Shruti Ulfat, who is a huge fitness freak, speaks about her fitness routine and, while doing so, also talks about the Mumbai heat.

Shruti says, “Fitness has been my lifestyle ever since I was a child. My father was an athelete, and my sister was the zonal level athelete, and i was into sports myself, so all my life, this has been the only way of life I have ever known. Back during school time, the gym culture was never there. I joined a gym when I came to Mumbai, and prior to that, it was always about some form of sport as an exercise. In the 2000s, when I started going to the gym, I loved my afternoon runs, even if they were at noon. I didn’t really care if the time was right; every time I felt like getting some me time, cooking and going out on a run was what I did. My trainèr Mr. Louise Thomas, is my guruji, and I am blessed to have him. As an actor, it is imperative that we follow this lifestyle.

The heat in Mumbai these days sometimes ruffles me up a little, but that does not stop my runs.

I go for my runs either in the morning or at night these days, and I still feel the heat pangs as much as I stay hydrated, and that’s the only way you can really beat it; otherwise, being in the city, there is no way out. Eat a lot of fruits and drink coconut water; it helps you stay cool.

I think after a really long time we are facing such heat in the city. Kahin raahat nahin hai.”