Showbiz is an uncertain place to be. Things change here overnight and there is no guarantee as to what or who will work or not. So, being an actor in today’s time is both challenging as well as good because of the opportunities that have opened up with the advent of OTT, feels Shehzada Dhami. He plays the role of Shubh in Shubh Shagun on Dangal TV.

“It is tough being an actor because you don’t get time for your personal life. If you are working in a daily soap you are committed to the show first and then everything else. Acting-wise I understand the character and I play the role accordingly. For me, the most challenging part has been maintaining my fitness routine because I can never skip the gym, nor the schedule. So, when I am shooting I go to the gym after I am done with it at whatever time my shoot ends,” he says.

The entertainment industry is quite unpredictable. Today there is work, but tomorrow there might not be any. “I feel blessed that by the grace of Waheguruji, whenever I am free I keep getting work offers, whether I take up the offer or not, things work out or not is secondary,” he shares.

About the response around his character Shubh, he adds, “The response has been very good. For me, it was a bit different as I had to cut my hair short and shave my moustache. A lot of people have loved the look and want me to maintain this. Also, I do relate to the character a lot, except for a few things.”

Everyone wants to do different kinds of characters, but sometimes they don’t get what they want. “I only do characters that I love. I usually don’t go for auditions when I don’t like the character or if I don’t understand the character. Like when I was called for Bajirao and I had signed the show. I really liked the character but somehow things didn’t work out, so I had to let it go. I don’t believe in complicating things,” he shares.