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The episode starts with Rani getting shocked seeing Kirdida. Raja also gets shocked seeing her. Kirdida wonders why’s Rani so tensed seeing her. Kirdida asks are they both here. The shop owner Pawan asks if they know them and Kirdida says yes. She’s about to reveal their relation when Raja notices the customer he’s attending stealing a necklace. He asks him to return the necklace but customer denies taking anything and tries leaving. Rani who was near the entrance stops him asking him to show his pocket if he’s innocent. The person immediately keeps knife on Rani’s neck asking her to let him go. Kirdida hides seeing it while Raja shouts at him to not harm Rani. Rani gets worried for getting caught about their relationship. However she’s not ready to let the thief go even when her life is at risk.

Raja with the help of a chair pushes the thief on it and binds him with the chair. Rani takes the knife and threatens him to give back the necklace and he gives. Pawan calls the police and asks Kirdida to leave as they need to close the shop for the day. However Kirdida hides to listen to their talks. Pawan leaves and Rani says how she’s relieved that he didn’t expose their relationship in front of the owner. Raja says Rani they need to soon reveal the truth to him as he doesn’t like lying to him and Rani agrees. Kirdida overhears it and gets happy finding a way to spoil their job. She goes outside.

Pawan thanks Raja for saving the necklace which is worthy of 5 lakh. He gives the shop keys to Raja showing his trust. Raja says that it’s very big responsibility but Pawan says that he trust him. He then says Rani that she’s very courageous and suggests her to work in their another shop in Ahmedabad for two days as it’s newly opening there. He leaves asking her to think about it. Raja and Rani comes out completing their work and Raja says that they need to reveal him the truth and asks her to accept the offer. He says that they will reveal the truth right after her coming back. Kirdida who’s hiding to meet the owner decides to reveal it herself before them.

Gunwant is angry at sales account manager and asks details to him. The mananger says that it’s Raja who managed all that and ask him to call him. Gunwant fumes and cuts the call. Kirdida notices it and doesn’t want to give tension to him anymore. So she leaves deciding to throw this out of their job herself. Raja comes to Aasha’s room and they both share some quality time. He says about Rani calling him and they both goes to sleep. Next day morning Raja finds Kirdida coming out of their room and asks her about it but she makes some excuse.
Raja goes to the shop and Rani video calls him. They both open the shop together and Pawan comes there. Kirdida gives Raja and Rani’s photo envelope and leaves hurriedly. Pawan who’s busy with call asks Raja to keep the envelope on his table. Kirdida mocks Aasha saying what she did and sticks her to wall just like she did with her in the past. Aasha feels helpless and Raja notices his marriage picture with Rani inside the envelope. Pawan too sees it.