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Episode begins with Mihir bends in front of Rani and says he loves her so much but he can’t afford to see her dying because of him and tells her to go to her Raja. She tries to say something but he stops her and tells her to never show her face to him again. He says he shifted Raja to ICU, she can meet him there. Rani runs towards ICU and everyone follows her. Mihir cries recalling his proposal and how Rani rejected him.

Rani tells Raja to wake up saying everyone is waiting for him. Raja regains consciousness. Asha thanks God. Raja takes Rani’s name. Asha apologize to Rani saying what all she thought about her and didn’t supported her when she needed her support the most. Rani says she need not to apologize, everyone wanted to see Raja alive and now everything is fine so she should forget the past. Asha cries holding Rani’s hand.

Gunwant, Kirtida comes there. Gunwant puts the flower bouquet beside Raja and apologize to him. Kirtida too apologize to Raja. Mihir comes out of the hospital and cries recalling how Rani was ready to die for Raja and didn’t wanted to live with him. He takes her dupatta which he got from hotel room and says he is taking her memory with him and leaves from there in his bike. Rani says once he recovers fully they will take him to house. Raja asks about the Doctor who did his operation.

She says he is not here. He says he wanted to thank him for saving him. Hitank says they can talk about it later and says Rani forgetting something which she brought it for Raja. He tells Raja that Rani brought some special gift for him. Darshana takes Rani with her. Later Rani brings the trophy and puts it beside Raja. Darshana shows the cheque to him. Raja gets emotional seeing those and touches the trophy.

Rani says she wanted to surprise him by showing these when he enters the house but this time also special for her that’s why she is showing it to him now. She says they won the competition and their dream fulfilled now they can start their business. Raja says if she is with him then he can do anything and holds her hand (Shubharambh title song plays in background).

After one year

Raja, Rani reaches home with award. Raja was talking to clients about future projects. They puts the award in front of God. Rani says after winning the competition just good things happened with them, they opened factory and their business doing really well and they are keep getting awards too. She says because of his blessings everything happening.

Asha says they worked really hard so they deserves this success. Raja, Rani takes blessings from her. Hitank and Darshana congratulates Raja, Rani. Asha says she is really proud of them. Raja says without Hitank and Utsav’s support this success is not possible. Asha was giving instructions to servant. Kirtida tells her that she will handle everything. Rani was getting ready and Raja comes out of the washroom, he gets mesmerized seeing her.

Episode ends.