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The episode starts with Kesha getting married to Utsav. They are praying when Kesha spots Gunwant outside. He calls Kesha out without anyone’s notice and she sneaks away. Raja and Rani enters the competition venue. Rani gets her badge and everyone looks weird at Raja and Rani. Some taunt them for being a thief.

Raja and Rani wonder what to do next. Me. Bharat Haseeja comes there and introduces Raja and Rani as wild card contestants. Raja thanks Bharat for the opportunity but Bharat stops him and notices no wrist band on Rani’s hand. He scolds Rani asking for her wrist band but Rani is clueless about it.

 Raja says that they were giving it along with badge and would’ve forgot giving wrist band to her. Mr. Bharat gets pissed off with Rani’s behaviour and warns the contestants to strictly follow the rules else they would be evicted from the competition.

Rani goes and gets the wrist band. Mr. Hasija introduces everyone and explains about the competition. Rani is nervous seeing his rude behaviour but Raja asks her to stay calm. Finally Raja’s turn comes and Mr. Haseeja asks them to say about them.

Raja and Rani introduces themselves and Raja says that this is a very important opportunity for their life and they will try their best to win the competition. Mr. Hasija says that they have a twelfth contestant who joined under BPL quota. He Sat’s that they are from very poor category who lives in Chawl. He introduces Kesha Dawal has contestant no. 12 shocking Raja and Rani.

Utsav too gets shocked and tries stopping Kesha but she already goes in. Mr. Haseeja says that her father in law is a shoe maker while Mother in law works outside to make living. Kesha recalls Gunwant asking her to join the competition and make Raja and Rani out from the competition in order to get back to her house.

 Mr. Haseeja says the rules that after two hours interviewer visits their house and interviews them. He asks them to keep checking their emails as questions may come in email too. However Raja and Rani paid least attention as they are worried about Kesha.

Bharat notices them inattentive. He asks them to leave and Utsav lashes out at Kesha for joining the competition without informing him. Kesha says him that even he lost his job and they don’t have any other way to take care of the child.

 Raja and Rani comes there asks Kesha why’s she participating in the competition. She makes up the same excuse and says its her father in law who got her registered. Utsav is still not convinced and reminds Kesha that it’s Raja and Rani’s big dream but Raja leaves taunting Utsav. Rani follows him.

Rani runs after Raja but her dress gets spoiled by an ongoing vehicle. Utsav scolds his father for enrolling Kesha’s name in the competition. His father says that just like Rani Kesha is also his daughter and he did his duty as a father.

Kesha says her mother in law that she’s just following her advice and is thinking about taking care of the child. Her mother in law asks her to take whatever decision she wants but after discussing with Utsav who’s husband.

She leaves with Utsav’s father to market to give them some space. Kesha thinks that once her father succeeds in his work she’ll becomes back in her house. Raja and Rani comes home and quarrel about Utsav and Kesha.

 In their quarrelling time they didn’t notice the email from competition. Aasha asks what happened and Rani explains her. Raja scolds Rani about Utsav’s behaviour and in the tension breaks the key of the cupboard which as Rani’s clothes. Interviewer comes and waits for Raja and they wonder what to do.

Precap : Raja is about to slap Utsav but Rani comes in middle. Raja warns that next time if he harms his sister none could stop him. Rani gets shocked.

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