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The episode begins with Rani was getting ready standing in front of the mirror. Raja who came out of the washroom and gets mesmerized seeing her and helps her to get ready. Kirtida drags Gunvant inside the room but he tries to go out. She stops him saying why he wants to go out and asks is he thinking to do drama again. He says he will do whatever he wants to do because it’s his house also so he has every rights to act according to his wish.

He says she can behave like shameless but he can’t. She asks what he did in last year and mocks him saying he could not even able to handle his shop. He tries to slap her but she holds his hand and says so much changed now and tells him to think twice before slapping her. She says he is keep drinking alcohol to forget about his lose but what she can do and says he can’t run successful business without Raja. He tells her to stay silent. She says she won’t and says Rani snatched everything from him so he doesn’t have anything with him now and she made Raja successful businessman.

She says Asha used to listen her every orders but now she has to listen her orders to live in this house and it’s happening because of him, now he can’t do anything, he is just useless. He warns her to talk to him with respect. She says no one respects them now. And takes his alcohol bottles. He tells her to not touch them but she breaks it in front of him and leaves from there. He drinks the remaining alcohol from those broken bottles and says he won’t leave Rani.

Rani was lighting the diya’s. Raja comes there and helps her. Rani’s family comes there. Rani gets happy seeing them. Vrinda congratulates them for the award they got and gives gift to her. Rani says it was not needed and hugs her. Raja takes blessings from her. And everyone congratulates them one by one. Asha comes there and welcomes them. Vrinda says she is happy seeing both families success. Rani says they faced difficult situations too but now it seems like everything become fine.

She says she is proud of her family because after Kesha’s miscarriage they supported her like their daughter and even helped them in their business. Gunvant hears everything and says they are celebrating Diwali happily but he lost everything and Rani is the one who snatched everything from him so he won’t leave her. He recalls how Rani exposed them in front of Raja and instigated Raja against them.

Kesha says Raja and Rani are worlds best jodi and asks what’s the secret behind that achievement. Rani says there is no secret, it’s just that they tries to support each other always. Hitank goes to bring the Panditji. Raja and Rani does pooja. Gunvant searches something in his room and takes one alcohol bottle and comes out and says he won’t leave Raja, Rani today. Then he aims the bottle to throw at them.

Episode ends.