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The episode begins with Rani shocks seeing Mihir as a doctor in front of her. He asks why she is struggling to digest, seeing the useless guy become the city’s best neurosurgeon. He tells her to recall how she insulted him in front of everyone by holding his collar and now he is here in front of her as Dr. Mihir Doshi who is best in his profession.

He tells her that she said she doesn’t trust him, now her husband’s life is in his hand so what she is going to say now, is she going to repeat that line again. She says that’s their past but now nothing matters for her than her husband’s life. He says he is not the same guy who used to love her but now he has moved on in his life, has everything and many beautiful and educated girls ready to marry him, that day destiny was with her but today destiny is with him.

He says she is just a patient’s wife for him nothing else. Utsav was about to knock on the door but Mihir comes outside and stares at him and leaves from there. He shocks knowing from Rani that Mihir becomes a doctor and he is going to operate on Raja now. He says he was their area’s useless guy, she even slapped him and insulted him in front of everyone so can they trust him.

Mihir tells the crying Asha to stay calm and have patience, he will handle everything. Asha pleads with him to save Raja and says he lost a lot of blood. Rani’s parents identify Mihir and wonder how he becomes a doctor. Rani, Utsav comes there. She says she is not understanding that she should trust Mihir or not because in the past to it was difficult to understand him.

She says they should not trust him because when she didn’t accept his proposal he left the city. He says he could have changed with time like he did and also he has saved a lot of life and earned name already so he won’t spoil that. She tells him about how Mihir behaved with the Beggar and the Ward boy so she doesn’t feel he changed and they should find another doctor for Raja.

Mihir calls Rani and tells her to bring some medicines and she has just 2 minutes otherwise anything can happen. She stays silent seeing that he tells her, he is the one who is going to save her husband not her God. She says she won’t go anywhere without seeing Raja. He says she is wasting time and it’s not good for Raja because he has to operate him as soon as possible.

Asha tells Rani to listen to Mihir. Rani runs from there to buy the medicine, later she realizes that Mihir didn’t write any medicine’s name and fooled her by giving the empty prescription paper. She feels frustrated and again runs towards the operation theater. She gets panicked not seeing Mihir and asks about Raja.

Asha consoles her saying Raja is fine and they need not to worry because Mihir is really a good doctor and he will make sure that their Raja becomes fine. Rani shouts saying she wants to see Raja but Nurse comes outside and warns them to not make any noise otherwise everyone has to leave from there. Utsav takes Rani with him aside. She tells him that how Mihir fooled her by giving an empty prescription paper.

Later shocks reading Mihir’s letter, in that he confessed that his revenge begins from now. She realizes that he didn’t change and moreover Raja’s life is in his hands now. Rani prays to God for Raja. Mihir comes outside and says the surgery is successful. And everyone gets happy hearing him. Asha asks him about Raja.

Mihir says Raja’s condition is stable now but it has to perform one more surgery to remove the clot on his brain. Asha says he is like a God who saved her son. Mihir says he just did his job and leaves from there.

Episode ends.