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The episode begins with Gunvant was about to throw the bottle at Rani. Kirtida sees him and decides to stop him before anyone sees him. She runs towards him and he drops the bottle beside them. Curtains catches fire, Gunvant and Kirtida gets trapped inside the fire. They shouts for help. Raja, Rani gets worried for them and gets inside the fire and covers them to protect them from fire.

Kirtida says she always supported Gunvant in his every actions and he end up becoming selfish now they doesn’t have any family and cries. She says her kids not talking to them and Raja used to love them and respect them so much but they betrayed him. She says they doesn’t deserve their forgiveness and says they saved them risking their own life and says she realized her mistakes and apologize to them. She says she is really ashamed for her wrong doings and tells Raja, Rani to forgive them.

She tells Gunvant to apologize to them. He says he knows what he has to do, she need not to tell him and goes inside. He comes out with wooden stick and stands in front of Raja. Hitank asks what is he doing. Gunvant says he did so much wrong doings till now and says he is Raja’s culprit and gives that wooden stick to him and tells him to punish him by beating him even though he deserves more than this. Raja drops that wooden stick.

Gunvant hugs him and apologize to him. He says they are alive now because of them and cries. He says they deserve punishment not forgiveness so they should not have saved them. Raja says they realized their mistakes that’s enough for him. Rani says she always assumed them as her family so now they will start new beginning with love and respect. They hugs each other ( Title song plays in the background). Kirtida apologize to Asha. Asha says she wanted to see this Kirtida from long time and hugs her. Rani goes inside. Gunvant apologize to Hitank, Darshana and Kesha. Darshana hugs Kirtida. Gunvant hugs Hitank and Kesha.

Kirtida says if anyone else was in their place then they would not have forgiven them for their wrong doings. She says they will go back to village and that is their punishment. Raja says they need not to go anywhere. Asha says it’s their house also so how can they leave. Gunvant says they doesn’t deserves to stay here so they should leave this house. He and Kirtida was about to leave from there but Rani stops them and gives the pooja plate to them saying it’s their house ritual that they begins Diwali celebration with aarti and tells them to do aarti because they are elders of this family.

She says their heart is pure now so they should start their new beginning here without thinking about anything else. Raja says they can’t change the past so let’s forget it and concentrate on this present. Asha says if Raja’s father was alive he would have said same. Gunvant gives Raja’s father shop keys to Raja and tells him to handle it with his business because he is the original owner of that shop. Utsav says they should capture this happy moment and takes selfie.

Show ends.