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The episode starts with Raja and Rani asking Aasha to bless them. Aasha blesses them and recalls Raja’s childhood where she asked him to give up on everything. She says that she will not do the mistake again and gives blessings to them and feeds them sweetened Curd.

They both come to competition and a girl who’s always hater of Rani behaves rude with her. Rani gives it back to her and she leaves. Raja and Rani finds a place near the stage and sits there. Kesha says to her father that Raja and Rani are there and she heard about the mannat too.

Gunwant asks her to do something to eliminate them from the competition. Utsav comes there but he fails listening to her talks. He says that he is going to support her throughout and asks for her not to worry.

 Rani spots them and calls Raja to greet them but Raja is hesitant. Rani is about to go by herself but Raja stops her and goes with her. She keeps their bags in their place and leave but the girl notices it. Both the couple wishes each other all the best and Rani asks Kesha to sit as she shouldn’t stress at this time. Rani and Kesha leave together and Utsav says Raja that their differences are resolved now.

Raja asks whether he wants him to trust him but Utsav says that it’s very difficult but he’s saying the truth. The girl pushed Raja and Rani’s bags down and sits in the place. Sweety asks everyone to take their seat as Mr. Bharat is about to start the competition.

Raja and Rani come back to their place but finds it occupied by the girl. Rani having had enough of her tantrums fights with her. Mr. Bharat cones there and asks if they have any problem. Rani is about to say but Raja says nothing and goes with Rani and sits in another place. Me.

Bharat announces the first round of the competition. They gives simple old fashioned sandals to everyone and gives them time till next day 11 a.m. They asks them to make it as beautiful and comfortable has possible and the best ones will be selected. Raja and Rani analyses their sandals and comes up with possible ideas to transform it.

On the other side Rani’s father and Utsav discuss about upgrading Kesha’s sandals. They leave to shop to buy materials and Kesha wonders how to waste Raja and Rani’s time. Vrinda comes there and Kesha gets an idea. Raja, Rani and Aasha are noting down their ideas and Gunwant and Kirdida overhears it.

Gunwant believes Kesha to do something to spoil their competition. He says that if it happens they would be double happy as they will have Kesha back and Raja and Rani will be separated too.

Kesha calls Rani and says that Vrinda disappeared long back and Raja and Rani hurries there worried. Gunwant and Kirdida smirks seeing it. Rani and the whole family searches for Vrinda while Kesha has hidden unconscious Vrinda near the Dustbin. Kesha fears getting caught.


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