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The episode starts with Raja telling Rani that he couldn’t find Vrinda. Rani is very tensed and prays for nothing to happen to her mother. They go to look somewhere else but can’t find her. Vrinda is unconscious. Kesha looks at them from corner and apologizes in heart to Raja and Rani but she had to make them late for the competition, so she gave drug to Vrinda.

She recalls giving lemon juice with drug to Vrinda who started feeling sleepy after drinking it, just like Gunwant had instructed her. Vrinda was going to take shower but kept yawning and feeling sleepy. She fell asleep sitting on a scooter after which Kesha hid her near dustbin.

Raja and Rani are searching for Vrinda. They hear noise coming from dustbin and walk towards it. Kesha sees them and gets tensed thinking that she has to stop them. She runs to them and asks whether they found Vrinda. They say no. Kesha says that she has already looked there but didn’t find her so they should look somewhere else. They leave. Kesha feels sorry.

Later, Rani’s father is very tensed. Chukki and Popat are with him. Utsav come and asks if they found Vrinda but he is left disappointed when they inform him that she is nowhere to be found. Rani and Raja come there too. Everyone wonders where Vrinda could go without even informing. They try to think about theories but in vain.

Rani’s father is very tensed. Kesha thinks that Raja and Rani are wasting time and they won’t be able to think about the shoes competition. Popat wonders if Vrinda slipped in a nearby construction work spot but Rani says that she is not a child. Everyone is worried. Raja says that they should file complaint at police station. Kesha gets tensed as the matter is getting serious. Utsav agrees with Raja.

They are about to go to police station when Vrinda come these. Kesha is thankful that she came before Raja and Rani could leave for police station. Vrinda feels dizzy so everyone holds her and makes her sit. She says that she is feeling very sleepy. Rani hugs her crying. Chukki gives her water. Rani’s father asks her where she went. Vrinda tells them that she felt so sleepy while going to take shower and when she woke up she was near the dustbin. Kesha gets tensed.

Vrinda assures everyone that she is fine and asks Raja and Rani to concentrate on shoes competition of tomorrow. Rani says that they couldn’t think about it. Vrinda apologizes because they couldn’t do that because of her. Rani says that there is nothing more important than her. Vrinda asks them to leave since it’s already 8pm. Rani’s father convinces them to go too even though Rani is hesitant. Rani asks Chukki to take care of Vrinda.

Utsav takes Rani and Raja to the door. Rani recommends Utsav to take Vrinda to doctor. Chukki says that she might have got tensed. Utsav asks her not to worry. Rani and Raja leave.

Later, Raja and Rani discuss about an idea for the competition but they don’t get anything in mind. Rani is worried as they have to make shoes by 11am of the next morning otherwise they will have to be separated. Raja encourages her to think something else. They keep repeating themselves that an idea will come.

Rani goes out of the room and after few seconds she comes back shouting that she got an idea. Raja asks her to tell. Rani says that they should make a shoe that can keep an eye on everyone. Raja makes a face. Rani says that she was thinking about her mother and wondering what would have happened if she didn’t get conscious and they would have never come to know where she was.

She says that there should have been something like a GPS that can give them location of person and since none would forget shoes while leaving, it can be useful for everyone. Raja likes the idea a lot and calls his friend Chandan to get GPS set. He calls him urgently home. He tells Rani that Chandan is coming with GPS set. Both Raja and Rani are really happy with the idea and they are sure that it will work.

After a while, Chandan comes at Raja’s place. Raja and Rani thank him for coming so late at night. He understands that the work must be urgent. Chandan starts working with the GPS set. He asks where he should put the GPS. Raja shows him the flip flops. They start thinking about how to fit GPS in the shoe. Raja suggests to cut a bit the flip flop from below and fit the chip there. Chandan says that it shall work. They fit the chip in the shoe and then Chandan downloads an application in Raja’s phone activating GPS and map. Raja thanks Chandan a lot and then goes to drop him outside.

Later, Raja tells Rani that they have to think about the presentation of the shoe now. They start thinking about it. Raja asks Rani to get diary and pen to write the points. They discuss about the presentation. After hours, the two start feeling sleepy.

In the morning Rani goes to make chai for them and then comes back with chai for Raja. The latter wants to think more about the presentation but Rani says that they will say the rest with heart now without thinking more. She wonders if the shoe will work. She suggests to put the shoe in hall and check the range of the GPS.

Raja and Rani see Asha and Raja asks her to hide it somewhere in the house. Asha is confused but goes to hide it. Raja and Rani check on the map and GPS is working.

On the other hand, Utsav gets mesmerized seeing Kesha in wet hair. He asks her how she took shower so early. She says that she woke up early and goes to the kitchen. Utsav asks her what she is looking for noticing that she seems disoriented. He shows her where the stuff to make chai is placed and asks her to make a cup of chai for him too. He leaves with an excuse.

In the meantime, Raja and Rani are trying to find shoe. Gunwant gets suspicious seeing their behaviour. The two find the shoe. Rani hugs Raja saying that their idea worked. She says that she loves him and they won’t have to stay separated. Both are happy.
Episode ends


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