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The episode starts with Raja and Rani finding the slippers and happy that they found the slippers. They hug happily and Aasha sees it. She is asks them to keep their voice down as Gunwant and Kirdida will plan something again.

They both leave and Gunwant already heard about their GPS idea. Kesha gives the tea to Utsav and Utsav tastes to find it bad. Kesha asks how’s it and Utsav lies that it’s good. Kesha drinks hers and immediately spits. She asks why did he lie that the tea is good.

 Utsav says she asked with love and he couldn’t say the truth. He asks if it’s the first time for her to make tea and she says yes. Utsav asks her to not do it again. Kesha bursts out laughing. She thinks that Utsav is the only reason for her to feel guilty for betraying.

Raja and Rani come to the competition and Mihika once again insults them. They were about to sit in front but she asks them to sit in the back. Rani is about to argue but Raja stops her and they both go to sit at the back. Kesha too comes there with Utsav and greets Raja and Rani.

 Bharat along with other two judges gets welcomed and Bharat wishes everyone for their first round of competition. Mihika becomes the first contestant to display her sandals. Mihika introduces her sandals as unslipping biodegradable sandals. She gives demonstration by walking on oil without slipping.

 Rani says that Mihika’s attitude is bad but she has capability. She praises her idea so does judges. Rani notices video recorded and asks about it Raja reveals that everything is telecasted live and will continue to do in upcoming rounds too.

 Rani’s family watches it on TV so does Gunwant and Kirdida. Next Ashish gets called and he explains about his sandals as temperature sandal. He says that the feet gets cold when it’s warm and warm when it’s cold. Judges praises him for his idea.

Some other people too explain about their sandals. One person makes a sandal with simple idea and everyone laughs at them. Rani gets relieved that they didn’t choose the idea. Bharat shouts at the others who were mocking to behave .

 Aasha tries to get in but Gunwant and Kirdida locked the TV room from inside. Kirdida pushes Aasha down but Aasha enters making use of the situation. Darshana and Hitank joins Aasha to watch the show. Kirdida asks if he planned something and Gunwant asks her to wait and watch.

Kesha gets called and Raja and Rani gets shocked hearing her using their exam same idea. Judges praise Kesha while Raja and Rani gets disheartened. After few more contestants Raja and Rani gets called and Raja apologizes that they can’t exhibit their sandals as it resembles Kesha idea.

 Judges call them thieves but Rani says that it’s coincidence. Bharat gets to know that Kesha is Raja’s sister and Rani’s sister in law. He says its impossible for it to be coincidence. He says he’s going to disqualify them if its proved that they are thieves.

Precap : Raja and Rani decode the next level of competition. Raja hurts his eyes and is asked to keep his eyes closed for the next 12 hours shocking Rani.


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Shubharambh 16th September 2020 Written Update: Tough times for Raja and Rani due to Kesha