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The episode starts with Rani getting shocked seeing Raja’s condition. She calls Raja who lies to her that he’s doing well in his sales. She wonders why did Raja lie to her and follows him. She finds Raja self motivating himself and rehearsing to do sales. Rani’s sure that something is wrong with Raja and decides to find it soon.

Utsav finds bouquet outside shop and realizes that it’s Keesha who would’ve sent. He takes the bouquet inside only to find Keesha seated on owner’s seat. Keesha asks Utsav if her boyfriend has sent it and asks him to give it. Utsav gets confused and takes the card from bouquet only to find that its send by the owner’s wife.

He gets shocked knowing that he has wife. He tries hiding it but Keesha orders him to give the bouquet to her. She gets shocked seeing the card. Her boyfriend comes there and Keesha leaves throwing the bouquet angrily. He gets shocked seeing the card.

Raja and Rani comes home and Aasha greets them. She sends Raja upstairs and asks Rani how was the day. Police brings Raja’s shoes back and Gunwant and Kirdida receives it. They reveal that Raja was in police station yesterday and was arrested for theft. Rani fails believing it and calls them cheaters.

They say that police themself brought the shoe bag and blames Rani for Raja’s condition. They say that Rani failed as a wife in knowing about Raja’s pain and Raja hided such a big truth from his wife. Raja on the other hand is breaking things thinking about whatever happened.

Utsav asks the owner whether he didn’t say about his marriage to Keesha. He says that he was waiting for right time to reveal the truth and also says that he loves Keesha a lot.He asks Utsav to convince Keesha into forgiving him and gives him money for the same.

Raja and Rani parallel is shown where they are opposite to each other while a mirror is present between them. They blame themselves for the lack of trust in their relationship. Rani makes announcement of a magic show. She enacts Raja and Rani’s life dressing up as herself and Raja too.

She motivates Raja in his own way asking him to trust on God’s magic. She enacts their complete life in order to motivate him using a snake and ladder game. She says that sometimes while following the path of truth we may end up in difficult and will definitely win. She asks him indirectly to have trust on his capabilities. Raja understands Rani’s intentions and Rani says that they will win for sure.

Precap : Kirdida and Gunwant spoil Raja’s shoes. Rani pretends giving up and proves the true face of Gunwant and Kirdida to Pawan.