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The episode starts Raja and Rani saying that they didn’t cheat and its just a coincidence. She says about their mother missing for sometime and they thought it would have been great if they had a way to find her.

Kesha too says the same and Judges gets confused. They leave saying that they will announce the result after the break and leaves. Kesha and Utsav apologizes Raja and Rani for the blunder but Raja and Rani says that it’s not one’s fault. They wish to get selected and fears a lot. Soon the results gets announced and Raja and Rani falls at the bottom five along with Kesha.

 Sweety announces the eliminated contestant one by one and declares that Raja and Rani and Kesha team gets equal amount of points and gets saved much to their happiness. Raja and Rani gets happy while Kesha gets irked. Raja, Rani and Utsav rejoices. Mihika pampers the judges acting sweet and once again taunts Rani. Some other people too taunts the wild card contestants.

The next round for the competition gets announced and is given time limit of 24 hours starting from now. Its revealed that the boxes are sent to their address and wishes them all the best. Rani worries for Mota Papa and Moti Mummy to get their hands on the box.

Rani calls Aasha and asks her to secure the box at any cost. Aasha assures that she will and comes out to find Kirdida sitting at the entrance with fan. Aasha thinks of a plan and gets an idea. Rani is highly tensed as Aasha doesn’t pick up the call and Raja asks her to calm down. They both have tea from road side and spends some quality time.

 Aasha removes the fan connection and keeps Kirdida’s one jewel on the extension box circuit and switches it on. Kirdida gets electrocuted and she trembles. Darshana comes there and Aasha switches off the box. She mocks a trembling Kirdida. The competition box arrives and Aasha gets it making use of Kirdida’s condition.

 Darshana and Aasha are about to leave when the spot Mewadi people passing by. Darshana asks about them and Aasha says that strong headed and straightforward people who carries weapons like guns and knives. She says that they won’t tolerate if someone takes back something donated to them. Kirdida hears it and decides to get revenge on Aasha.

Raja and Rani check the parcel and finds a quiz in it but they couldn’t solve it. Kesha too gets confused seeing the quiz question. Utsav gives her juice and thanks her for thinking about his mother. Kesha feels guilty for betraying Utsav. Utsav leaves to find work and Rani’s father and mother comes back.

 Kesha forwards the quiz to Rani’s father and he finds it in an instant. Kesha tries stopping them from helping Rani but still her father calls Rani. Raja and Rani are still figuring it out and Rani’s fathers offers to help.

Rani rejects his help ass she wants to solve it on their own. Aasha calls Rani aside and says that she’s suspicious of Kesha and is sure that there’s some secret behind her joining the competition. She says that she can see that in her face while watching in TV. Rani gets doubtful on Kesha