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The episode starts with Aasha saying abo her suspicion on Kesha. She says she knows her from childhood and she isn’t that intelligent to think of something like GPS. Rani says that they can’t doubt her as she’s already facing so many issues. Aasha is still not convinced.

Raja shouts Rani to come soon and she goes there. Raja says that he decoded half of the quiz. He explains her and Rani decodes the other half. It’s revealed that the next round is about the comfortness of the sandals which will give them points. Aasha thinks to do something. She asks her to visit his father to get help from him.

Aasha signals Rani and Rani understands her intentions. She wishes for Aasha’s intentions proved wrong about Kesha. Raja and Rani is at Rani’s home and her father is explaining about the sandals to them along with Kesha and Utsav.

Rani finds Kesha’s phone ringing and finds Gunwant calling her. Kesha immediately picks it. Rani gets doubtful. Kesha goes aside to speak. Rani thinks that Gunwant is angry at Kesha and why’s he calling her. She wonders whether Aasha’s suspicion is true. Rani keeps observing Kesha.

Kesha is afraid of Rani catching her. Rani’s father continues explaining. He says that he took three months to learn but they’ve very less time. He says that he wish to help one of them. Raja asks him to do it for Kesha and they will try themselves. He wonders about things but her father says that he already asked for theirs set to Sameer Chacha. They both thanks him and leaves.

Rani’s father worries whether they could make it. Rani’s father says that they need to wear the glass before handling the chemical else their eyes will burn. He says that he forgot to say it to Raja and Rani. He’s about to go but Kesha stops him. She says that she’ll inform it and leaves with the glasses.

Kesha calls Raja and Rani and instead of giving the glasses she gave her sonography to them to give it to their mother. Raja agrees and goes. Rani is about to go but Kesha stops her puts on a fake act convincing Rani that it’s Kirdida who called from Gunwant’s phone. The slightest doubt in Rani’s mind too leaves with her act. Raja and Rani comes home and finds Darshana struggling to chop the vegetables with knife.

Darshana says that Kirdida has punished her by hiding the kitchen stuff for helping Aasha. She says how Aasha electrocuted Kirdida in order to get the parcel. Rani offers to help her but Darshana asks her to concentrate on the competition. Raja and Rani starts making shoes and Rani goes down to bring stuffs. She finds Raja crying out in pain and rushes to find him shouting holding his eyes. He says chemical entered his eye and he couldn’t open it.

Rani calls for Darshana and Aasha. Doctor checks Raja and gives him glasses. He asks him to not open his eyes for the next 12 hours else he may actually lose his sight completely. Rani gets tensed but Raja assures her that she can do it while he will guide her. Kirdida informs about Raja’s condition to Gunwant but Gunwant asks her to not take it so lightly. He asks her to keep having an eye on them.

Rani starts working and/but finds the equipment repaired. Raja suggests to follow Darshana’s way to find an alternate thing for making sandals. Rani suggests Kaghra maker but Darshana says that Kirdida has hidden it. Kirdida who overhears their conversation decides to not let them get their hands on Kaghra maker.