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The episode begins with Raja and Rani trying to make shoes and Rani gets some ideas in her head. She says to her mother-in-law that I have to look up for the khakhra making machine so that I can make the sole of the shoe.

However, they are finding it difficult to get the machine inside the house. Her mother in law says that her elder sister-in-law must have hidden the khakda making machine somewhere in the house so that they can not find it easily. Rani searches in the entire house along with little and her mother in law but unfortunately, she is unable to get it even in the storeroom.

While they are wondering where can be the khakhra machine they spotted Gunvant and Kirtida are coming back from outside of the house and are discussing about the khakhra machine. Rani gets to know from their conversation that they sold out the khakhra machine to the Rebadi community people as a giveaway. she says to them the moment I think you people can not stoop more lower than you already are, exactly the same moment you people keep on surprising me with your cheaper acts. Rani says to them if you think that by selling out the khakhra machine you will make us lose the competition then you are mistaken.

No one can keep me and Raja separated from each other. Gunvant smiles at her words and says if you have so much belief in your words then go ahead and get back the khakhra machine. Kirtida says to Rani and if you get back the khakhra machine by the night then please prepare for khakhra at the breakfast table tomorrow morning.

 Rani says to her mother in law that she needs to you go right now to get back the khakhra machine from the people because they are running out of time. Hetal says that she can accompany her but Rani refuses to take her along and promises to call them up if she faces any sort of problems over there.

Rani reaches their tent and is looking for a way to get that khakhra machine back when she spots dresses of those tribal dancers hanging from a rope. She takes out some dresses from it and goes inside the tent for change. She comes out in an attire same as the tribal dancers who were performing there just to look for the khakhra machine. S

he starts to dance along with the ladies so that she does not get caught but the head of that community is already getting some doubt on her when she is coming back to the place where all the stuff kept. She behaves normal with them and again starts to dance. Raja is getting worried for Rani because it’s been quite late hours of the night and she is not inside the house she came to give eye drops to him.

He keeps on asking about Rani but his mother and his sister in law are not ready to reveal the truth in front of Raja but they are equally worried for her. Running gets a chance in between the dancers and she tries to goes away with the machine without anyone noticing her but at the end moment she get caught by the head lady of the community. She says to Rani that I got a doubt on you from a much earlier time.

Anyone who belongs to my team has a tattoo on their hand so that we can recognise them easily but I already noticed you don’t have any tattoos in your hand and understood that you are not from my team that is why I am keeping my eyes on you. They blamed Rani for being a thief and stealing their items.

Rani tries to tell them that she is not here to still there item but she is badly in need of this machine and she will return it the next day itself when she will be done with her work. The head lady doesn’t believe in her words and says that she is faking a story to get saved. They give Rani a blazing test to prove her love and her honesty. Rani thinks about the promises she and Raja made to be away from each other for 3 years and gets ready to work on the red hot burning coals to prove her love for her husband.

She walks on the burning coals and finally gets succeeded in achieving the machine. The community people gets happy with her dedication and love for her husband and gives back the machine with lots of blessings and love. Raja gets to know finally that Rani went to the river valley community people to get back the machine and he insists on to get her back from there. Rani comes back home with the machine and she is finding it difficult to walk as her feets are burning and her mother-in-law gets shocked to see her feet.

Precap – Raja and Rani scored a perfect 10 in the competition and Raja gets emotional to see this.