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The episode starts with Raja wondering what to do about Rani’s job. He decides to give job for her in order to keep her close to him. Kirdida comes out and says that she got the job. Rani gets so happy and thanks Kirdida. Kirdida asks her to thank Hemanth as he’s the one who recommended her to Raja. Rani asks about salary and Raja signals Kirdida to say its 20,000. Kirdida says the same and Rani gets extremely happy and leaves. Kirdida thinks that Raja made a big mistake by letting her know his truth and plans something heinous.

Mukesh sha is speaking with Gunwant when Gunwant asks him the reason for his arrival. He says that he came for meeting Aasha. Gunwant calls Aasha and introduces her to Mukesh Bhai as a very big business man. Aasha greets him and asks him the reason for his visit. Mukesh says that he’s there for proposing alliance for his daughter Aneesha with Raja.

Aasha gets shocked hearing it and says that Raja is already married to Rani. Mukesh says he’s aware of it and also know that their marriage is not stable. He says that he has crores of money which also goes to his daughter and she already likes Raja. Aasha gets greedy hearing about money but knows well that Raja won’t agree and half heartedly says no. He asks her to contact him when he changes her decision. Gunwant tries fixing the alliance with Mehul but he didn’t show interest and leaves while Aasha is in dilemma.

Raja finds Rani passing by buying sweets and asks sweet for him as he’s the one who recommended her. Rani gives him sweet and he recalls their moments together. Rani wishes to thanks Raja personally and asks for his number but Raja doesn’t give it. Rani herself takes the visiting card from reception and Raja’s phone starts ringing. Raja makes excuse that he’s handling company phone as Raja can’t give his personal number to anyone. Rani agrees and leaves.

Rani is searching for her bag when her wedding invitation falls. Chutki immediately hides it before Rani could notice it. She asks Rani to thank Hemanth and finds Rani blushing remembering Hemanth. She teases her and Rani says that she doesn’t find him stranger and feels as if she spoke with him daily.

Chutki praises Hemanth and asks her to give him a chance. Rani is walking outside drowned in Raja’s thoughts. She finds him sleeping through window but his sleep gets disturbed ny mosquitoes. Rani keeps a mosquito coil near the window and leaves.

Next day Raja wakes up by the knock on door. Chutki is there with tea made by Rani and also says about the mosquito coil. Raja gets extremely happy when she says that Rani started feeling for him. On the other hand dreams about the wealth Mukesh sha’s daughter can bring for her but soon wakes up. Raja fights in queue for fetching water. Rani comes there and thanks him. Raja teases her and asks her to go to shop together with him for him to accept her thanks. Rani agrees and Raja leaves. Chutki wishes Rani for her first day. Rani comes out and finds Raja in bike.

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