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The episode begins with Rani sells her shoes to Kirtida by tricking her and she too buys them without seeing Rani’s face. Kirtida tells Rani to put all the shoes in her car and talks highly about her like how rich she is and all. Asha and Rani get happy after selling the shoes. Asha tells Rani to inform the good news to Raja.

Rani calls Raja and tells him everything, he gets happy hearing her. Gunvant mocks Raja saying God won’t listen him easily so to help him he is making noises and kicks the shoe box. He gets confused seeing the empty box and asks Raja that why it’s empty, did he tried to sell this empty box. Raja says without Gunvant making noise too God listened to his prayers and he sold the shoes too.

Gunvant laughs at him saying from morning Raja following him like a shadow but he didn’t buy any shoe from him then who bought it. Raja says Kirtida bought their shoes which shocks Gunvant. Kirtida comes there with the shoes she bought and says she didn’t buy shoes from them instead she bought them from the girl who was selling shoes outside the temple suddenly she realizes something and becomes silent.

Raja says Kirtida is right she bought shoes from that girl only and takes out his shoes from Kirtida’s parcel and shows it to Gunvant and Kirtida. Kirtida looks at Gunvant. Rani comes there and removes her veil which shocks Kirtida. Asha acts again like how she begged to Kirtida in front of the temple to buy Raja’s shoes. Rani says Darshana recorded everything and they already sent the video to the competition team. Kirtida cryingly tells Gunvant that they instigated her to buy those shoes. Gunvant shouts at her saying her one mistake spoiled everything.

Rani says they were not supposed to sell their shoes using her doll but that was just a part of their plan. Kirtida asks but Raja and Rani fighted in front of them. Raja says that was just an act and he followed Gunvant so he can think that they are just trying to sell the shoes to him.

Rani says their original target was Kirtida and wanted to divert Gunvant. Rani says when ‘Ranigiri’ and ‘Rajagiri’ don’t work separately at that time they use ‘Raja Ranigiri’, that’s why they got successful in their plan.  Kirtida says it’s cheating competition team won’t accept it, which gives little hope to Gunvant.

But Rani says competition team already accepted it because this round name is judged round and they reached next stage too. Raja and Rani hold each other’s hand and Rani says no one can separate them especially not Gunvant and leaves from there. Gunvant thinks he lost one more time and angrily goes from there. Kirtida gets worried thinking Gunvant won’t forgive her this time.

Kesha tells Utsav that she doesn’t have any problem to stand but her pregnancy won’t let her do. Utsav tells Mukesh about Kesha’s pregnancy and says he will stand there full-day definitely. Mukesh says that can’t happen and says if Gunvant buys Raja’s shoes then he will buy his shoes. Utsav gets to know that Gunvant bought Raja’s shoes and informs that to Mukesh.

Mukesh buys the shoes from Utsav. Kesha thinks how Gunvant bought Raja’s shoes when it’s impossible. Utsav gets happy for reaching the next stage. Kesha wonders how Raja and Rani convinced her father and her wish of returning her home gonna end up as her dream only. Kirtida apologizes to Gunvant saying Rani was in veil and she didn’t even realize how everything happened. Gunvant yells at her saying not to talk to him now. Kirtida scolds Darshana for supporting Raja and Rani. Raja and Rani watch the announcement of results.

Episode ends.