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Episode begins with Rani performs karwachauth pooja with Raja’s portrait. Asha feels dizzy and and Mihir notices that and thinks soon his medicine will start to work. Rani sees the moon and turns towards Raja’s portrait and Mihir thinks now she will complete her fast seeing his face only. Asha pushes Raja’s portrait by mistake and falls down, Mihir comes to stand in the place of Raja’s portrait so Rani can see his face but the portrait hits Rani and she falls on the portrait and opens her eyes and sees Raja’s face. Rani smiles and with this she completes her first karwachauth successfully.

Mihir shocks seeing everything and wonders how Raja’s portrait came in the middle. Hitank moves towards Asha who is unconscious now. Darshana helps Rani to stand. Mihir says he already warned them that Asha should not come outside , she needs rest badly and tells them to take her inside. He stares Raja’s portrait and thinks again Raja came between him and Rani but this one will be Raja’s last win. Hitank makes Asha lays on the bed.

.Mihir checks Asha and advices her to eat properly and says she needs rest now. Rani moves from there to collect the proof and finds the remote which Mihir used for blasting. She remembers she saw this remote dropping from Mihir’s pocket and it doesn’t seems like AC or TV remote then realises that Mihir used this remote for blasting and wonders why he is doing all this. She wonders did he planning to get her but he is already a married so why he will do that and decides to find his real intention and moves towards his room.

Mihir tells Hitank to bring the medicines for Asha. Asha asks Darshana about Rani. Darshana says she will be here only. Mihir searches Rani in the house and runs towards him room thinking what if she is there. Rani searches Mihir’s room and finds Raja’s jacket in his cupboard and also sees her picture. She recalls everything and says he is still the old Mihir only and he is here to get her and separate her from Raja but she won’t let him stay here even for a second too and won’t let him win this time because now she will play the game and he will be her pawn and comes out like nothing happened.

Mihir was about to slip but stands somehow and Rani’s nupital chain comes out from his pocket and falls near Rani’s feet. Rani thinks he can’t separate Raja from her. Mihir thinks they are made for each other. Rani gets her nupital chain and thanks him saying because of him only she got it back. He says he got this now only and was about to return it to her.

She says she trusts her God so much and she is sure that everything will be fine like how it used to. She says today even God helped her to complete her fast seeing Raja’s face and leaves from there. Mihir gets relived thinking she didn’t find out about him and says before she knows his truth he has to get her. Rani was about to tell Mihir’s truth to Asha but stops seeing her sleeping. She cries sitting beside her and tells about Mihir. Darshana who heard her says Rani is not alone, they will fight together against Mihir.

Episode ends.