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Episode begins with Raja and Rani watches TV to know about the competition results. Host says they received the videos from all the  competitors. Rani gets happy hearing her and says Kesha would have submitted the video too and calls her. Then she tells Raja that they should celebrate this success with Kesha and Utsav. They all meets in road side coffee shop and celebrates there. Rani says she didn’t thought selling shoes could be this difficult but all went well. Utsav says Kesha’s result came out very well too.

Kesha goes aside to attend the call. Raja asks Utsav that did he remember about their conversation about trust. Utsav recalls how he promised to Raja that he won’t let Kesha face any problem. Raja says now he trusts Utsav fully saying he earned his trust. Gunvant scolds Kesha asking what is she doing and she wants to return to her house or not. He says Raja and Rani keep winning in all the rounds and Kesha not doing anything. He tells her to do something otherwise forget her return to his house. Kesha thinks she has to do something before his anger increases.

Raja comes there and asks is she happy in her in laws house. She replied him saying she is happy there. He says he is also happy for her because just her happiness matters for him. And says who wins the competition that’s not matter but he wants her to live happily with Utsav. Rani says she is happy seeing Utsav’s smiling face and she is glad that he and Kesha living happily with each other. Utsav thinks their relationship not tied by love but compromise and he can’t tell anyone about it.

Next day, Rani was getting ready. Raja comes there to call her for breakfast. She tells him that don’t know what’s going to happen in the competition. He says they doesn’t even know who all going to the next round and says he didn’t got any message or mail from the competition team too.

Rani gets worried thinking about the results. Raja consoles her saying everything will be fine and they goes outside hearing some noises. They gets confused seeing all the flower decorations, red carpet and all. Competition team members and Host was standing there. Raja’s family members too comes outside. Raja and Rani gets happy knowing that they reached the final round.

Asha starts to dance in happiness which irks Gunvant and Kirtida. Competition team member gives appreciation letter to Raja. Host informs them that they will send the venue address to them soon. Utsav’s family celebrates Kesha’s finale entry. Utsav says he is happy that Kesha , Raja and Rani entered finals. Vrinda thanks Kesha for bringing happiness to their family after long time. Raja thanks God for making them finalists and prays to God to keep showering his blessings.

Rani says God knows how much this competition is important for her, if they doesn’t win then she and Raja has to separate for 3 years. Asha thinks for her just her children’s dream matters and prays to God to fulfill their dreams. Gunvant tells Kirtida that because of her mistake only everything happened so to rectify her mistake he will give her one more chance. He tells her to stop them from reaching the competition venue. She decides to stop them no matter what. He notices her determined face.

Episode ends.