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The episode starts with Gunwant throwing away Aasha and Raja’s stuff out of the house and it fall on Raja’s feet. Raja asks them to talk whatever they want to him. He says that even he wanted to leave the house but the house holds so much memories of his father and his childhood and he will not leave from here. He asks Rani to bring an empty jar from kitchen. Rani goes and get it. Raja says that they’ll pay in this jar the amount required for staying in the house along with their food. Gunwant says that it takes one lakh two pay for the expenses as well as rent and says that they will divide it into half. He asks them to pay 50000 rupees and stay in the house. Rani reminds Kirdida that the house consists of nine members and they have to pay only for the three of them which is around 26000. She says that they will pay the required amount every month in the jar. Kirdida reminds her that there’s still 10 data left for next months and brings a plate. She asks them to beg for food for the next 10 days and laughs.

Raja and Rani are in their room where Raja says Rani that he will make sure to get a job soon to pay for their expenses. Rani says what about his shop which Gunwant snatched by cheating. Raja says that they don’t have proof to prove it and asks her to let it go. He says that he will work hard somewhere else to as all that matters for him is being with her. Rani decides to go to a job too. Aasha enters knocking and both Raja and Rani are angry at her. Aasha apologizes for her greedy nature and begs forgiveness from them. Raja and Rani forgives her and Aasha gets happy. Raja and Rani prepares whole night for their job and romances in between.

Next morning Rani teases Kirdida to make her fall from the stairs just like she did before losing her memory. Aasha comes to kitchens and finds everything locked including refrigerator. Kirdida asks them to beg for the 10 days food as they have not yet paid for 10 day expenses. Aasha says Rani that they will get food from outside but Rani stops her. She threatens Kirdida and gets keys from her. She opens the cupboard and takes the provisions out. Inside every provision box there’s money in it saved by Rani. She pays around 12000 for their expenses for 10 days and asks Moti mummy to earn saving from her. Kirdida fumes at this Rani who makes food for the three.

Raja and Rani gets ready for interview and Aasha feeds the sweet to them and wishes them best. Rani finds Raja tensed and conducts a mock interview. She trains him to perform in the interview.