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Episode begins with Mihir sees Rani’s reflection in the mirror and asks what magic she did on him that he is seeing her everywhere. Rani asks what is he talking about. He realises that she is here in real and says he was just wondering who kept this mirror here. She says she kept it for him. He gets confused hearing her. She says she wanted to gift him and he likes to see himself in the mirror that’s why she bought this for him. He gets surprised that she bought gift for him.

She says she could not call his wife and he did so much for her Raja so he deserves this gift. He says this mirror is really beautiful and seems expensive too and says it’s hard for him to believe that she actually bought gift for him. She tells him to think this mirror as a witness of their relationship’s new beginning. She says from childhood she used to misunderstood him but not anymore and he does so much for others that’s why she thought to gift him.

While moving from there she notices his watch and asks why it’s not working. He recalls the past, how he stopped this watch when she rejected his proposal. She says she will repair this watch if he doesn’t have any problem then. He nods at her. She tells him to come for breakfast saying everyone waiting for him and tells him that blue colour suits him before leaving from there.

He jumps in happiness and adores the mirror saying Rani brought this for him and says Rani said blue colour suits him and moves towards his cupboard to get blue shirt to wear. Rani sees everything hiding from him and says she is sure that Raja’s medical report will be in this room only and she has to find that no matter what.

Kesha thanks Utsav for supporting her and says she knows that it was not easy for him too still he took stand for her going against his family and his mother is not talking to him because of her. He says he always used to run away from his responsibilities but first time he wants to fulfill this responsibility and tells her to not take it in any wrong way, they are together just for namesake nothing else.

She thinks for him this relationship could be namesake one but for her it’s more than that now. Mihir comes out and asks Asha that how is her health now. She says she is fine because her son is fine and asks him about Raja’s surgery. He says he will examine him today then will decide the surgery date and assures her that nothing will happen to him. Darshana , Rani hears everything from kitchen.

Rani gets angry and Darshana tells her to ignore him saying she should just concentrate on Raja’s medical file only for now. Rani serves breakfast to Mihir saying she made specially for him. He gets happy and thanks her. She acts like she cares for him so much. Asha who notices everything thinks today Rani behaving strange. Rani thinks she knows Gunvant,Kirtida are innocent this time still she can’t do anything now because Mihir may suspect her if she does anything in their favor.

Raja’s new Doctor calls Rani and says he needs Raja’s medical report then only he can discuss with his team about Raja’s case. Kesha cuts her finger while chopping the vegetable and Utsav’s mother treats her injury. She apologize to her and pleads her to give one chance to her but Utsav’s mother leaves from there. Rani tells Mihir that he will leave from here once Raja gets fine so she wants to do something for him to thank him. She says tonight she will spend time with him. He shocks hearing her.

Episode ends.