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Episode begins with Rani says Mihir could not accept her rejection that’s why he is behaving like this and tells him to not address his stubbornness as love and was about to move from there. But he drags her holding her hair tightly and says she can’t insult his love again and again, he won’t tolerate it this time and she doesn’t has any rights to do that.

She winces in pain and slaps him. She holds his collar and asks how dare he to touch her and leaves him. He tells her to not make him angry and says she is his life, his love so he can do anything for her and says they can leave from here and live together happily somewhere else and he will do everything for her which will make her forget Raja too. She tells him to stop his nonsense and says she is here to get Raja’s medical report and she will get it for sure. He says she wants Raja’s medical report and starts to unbutton his shirt.

She tells him to not cross the limit and feels disgusted and shocks seeing he has Raja’s medical report with him. He tells her to take it from him if she wants then and says he also wants to see how much she can do to get Raja’s medical report. She moves towards him hesitatingly and takes the file from him. He pins her to the wall and says this is Raja’s old report which he prepared before surgery and laughs at her.

He says if she wants the original file then she has to reach the hotel room and gives the details to her, he says he wants to see what all she can do to get Raja’s file after all she is this generation’s girl so she will come for sure. He says he won’t forget the slaps he got from her. She asks why he is doing all this. He says they doesn’t have time to talk about all this and no one should know what happened in this room otherwise she knows what he is capable to do.

Darshana was waiting for Rani outside Mihir’s room. Asha comes there and tells her that Rani is missing. She shocks seeing Rani coming out of Mihir’s room . Then Mihir too comes out. Asha asks what Rani was doing in Mihir’s at midnight. Rani says Mihir wished to watch film and she came to give popcorn to him. He says he had lot of works at hospital so wanted to watch film to relax himself.

Rani could not able to meet Asha’s eyes. Asha looks at Rani disappointingly. Darshana takes Asha from there saying Mihir has to sleep. Rani apologize to Asha saying she is doing all this to save her Raja and she will tell the truth to her once Raja becomes fine. Next day, she calls Raja’s new Doctor and asks him to give 1 more day and she will give Raja’s report to him. Mihir tells Ward boy to take Raja from there without Rani’s knowledge. Rani enters Raja’s room and shocks not seeing him there and asks the Nurse about him.

Nurse tells her that Mihir shifted Raja to another hospital. Mihir messages Rani saying now he just changed Raja’s hospital and will decide what he has to do with him when she comes to meet him tonight. She calls him and tells him to admit Raja in old hospital otherwise she will give complaint against him to this hospital authorities. He says she can’t do anything because still he is in charge for Raja’s case.

Mihir opens the door for Gulwant, Kirtida and serves tasty food for them. Asha comes there and asks what is he doing. He says Rani only instructed him to do this. Rani comes there and says he is right and says Gulwant,Kirtida is not dangerous for Raja anymore. She informs Asha that Raja shifted to another hospital. Mihir says he only suggested that because surgery is big and considering the safety measures new hospital is good for Raja.

Episode ends.