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Episode begins with Mihir warns Rani to not take Raja’s name in front of him again otherwise she has to face the consequences. Asha knocks their room door. Mihir was about to open the door but Rani pleads him to not open it saying Asha can’t digest this. He says she doesn’t know how much he loves her and he become Doctor leaving everything behind so he can stand in front of her and say now he is capable enough to marry her but now she is just insulting his feelings.

He says she didn’t thought about him and married someone else already, she doesn’t know how it feels when you lose your love but she knows how it feels to live in the fear of losing your loved one and in these 6 years he is living like that only. He says destiny brought her in front of him and he can cross all limits to get her but she is telling him to leave from here and asks where he can go without her when there is no life for him without her. Asha asks Rani to open the door.

Mihir asks did Rani ever thought why Raja’s case came to him because God too knows the strength of his love and wanted him to unite with her that’s why. He says she is throwing him away from her life again and again which he can’t accept it so she has to become his or get ready to see Raja’s death. He opens the door. Asha shocks seeing Mihir there. Mihir recalls how he knocked Asha’s room so she can see Rani leaving the house. He acts like he is surprised to see Asha there and asks didn’t Rani told her that they knows each other already. He says they knows each other from their childhood and leaves from there. Asha asks what’s happening here.

Rani says she did nothing wrong and doing everything for Raja only. Asha asks why she didn’t tell her that she already knows Mihir and says she didn’t expected all this from her. She asks does her family knows about this already. Rani says they doesn’t know. Asha says when she knows Raja’s life is in Mihir’s hand still she hided everything from her and says she just feels disgusted and leaves from there.

Rani cries recalling Mihir and Asha’s talks. Raja comes there and asks is she thinking what others thinking about her. He asks from when she starts to care what others thinking about her. He says she did what she felt right and moreover she did for him so she need not to worry. He takes her to God’s idol and says she will get her solution for her problem here only. She prays to God to show her path in this darkness. She decides something and moves towards her room.

Mihir stops her and asks what she decided. She says she is ready to do anything to save Raja’s life. He says he will start Raja’s surgery on time and will inform his family about the hospital too but he has just one condition that is she has to come to him as his bride. He tells her to not even think to double cross him and if she did anything like that then he won’t hesitate to kill Raja. She says she won’t forget her promise and enters her room.

Everyone gets ready to reach hospital. Darshana says Rani is not coming out of her room. Hitank says she would be stressed about Raja’s surgery and they leaves for hospital. Kirtida says it’s impossible that Raja’s surgery happening and Rani is not going to the hospital. Gulwant says he feels that Mihir is behind this. Rani thinks Mihir doesn’t know about her determination and if she can’t become Raja then she won’t become anyone else.

Episode ends.