Shweta speaks about her life so far and on taking up mental health counselling seriously alongside work commitments and more..

1. Hello Shweta, how have you been and what’s been keeping you busy?

I’m a certified Mental Health counselor, hands on mom and a home maker.

2. When do we see you on screen next post Ram Setu?

Have opened my heart for acting again so hopefully soon.

3. Who is the real Shweta like?

I’m a sharp observer. I may speak less in certain social situations but I’m observing more than people may want to give away about themselves. Does that sound intimidating 😄

4. How easy or difficult is it to be a working mother?

For a nuclear family living India where we lack educated Day care support it’s very tough. Television which takes up 12-15 hrs a day 25-30 days a month was out of the question till my baby grew up .. and now I’m glad for the OTT options as it doesn’t require long & never ending commitments.

It’s very do-able. I like it when stories come with an ending. That keeps me excited.

5. Where to from here?

It’s time for Shweta Kawaatra 2.0

 – One step at a time.. One day at a time.

6. Does juggling for family time when both the of the parents are working become difficult?

Not when there is a bound script and an organized working environment which I believe is available with OTT & films. We’re a Nuclear family but Zahra’s grandparents are more than forthcoming to come & baby sit. They can’t wait to see me back to doing what I do best.

7. We have seen you as someone who stays away from the spotlight as much is that a conscious effort?

Ah .. I love the spotlight. Had been the center of it all & really enjoyed it .. However, I seriously needed a break.