Re-telling one of India’s biggest Sanskrit epics, Ramayana through the lens of Luv and Kush has been keeping the storyteller, producer, writer & director Siddharth Kumar Tewary up on his toes.
After delivering a masterpiece like Mahabharata & his current hit show RadhaKrishn, Siddharth Kumar Tewary is all set for yet another ride back in time with Ramayana albeit this time from a different perspective as the story will be narrated by Rama & Sita’s twin-born sons, Luv & Kush.
Apparently, it has been a distress call for the makers as their hunt for the perfect twins in their early teens continue.
A source close to the show adds, ‘Luv & Kush are the central characters of the show & will take audiences through the Ramayana. We reached out to casting directors, alerted agents across India to bring us a pair of twins somewhere between 13-14 years of age. They were all either too young or young adults. We learned about a few remote places in India, that holds a reputation of being a village of twins. Our teams have been sent out to villages like Kodinhi in Kerala, Mohammadpur in Allahabad, Ator Nagla in Ghaziabad on a manhunt to pick the perfect pair of twins & train them to play Luv & Kush. We didn’t see this coming but will only rest once we find our pick.’
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