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High voltage drama ahead in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

Last in the episode we saw, Karitk and Sirat’s hit and miss moment. Sirat see Kartik and gets smitten seeing him. Kartik fails to see Sirat. Ahead, Sirat see visiting card of Kartik. Maudi says maybe it is of same boy who dropped her home. Sirat says to Maudi she feels the boy has some connection with her. Maudi laugh. Sirat decides to make a call to Kartik to say him thank you. Kartik thinks number is unknown and don’t receive the call. Sirat thinks Kartik Goenka is merchant why he will receive her call. Here, Kartik think Kairav too calls with unknown number thus, he should have receive the call. Kartik calls back. Sirat receives the call and takes Kartik’s name. Kartik hearing Sirat’s voice recalls his moments with Naira. Sirat tells to Kartik she is called to thanks him for dropping her Mauri home. In the meantime, Sonu destroys Sirat’s boxing gloves. Sirat drops the mobile and cries for her gloves. She says she don’t have money to purchase new. Kartik hear Sirat’s talk. Sirat decides to teach Sonu a lesson. She yells at him. Here, Kartik thinks voice was matching with Naira but it can’t be Naira. He says his Naira’s voice is different.

Now in the upcoming episode, Kairav will see Sirat again and will address her as Naira. School staff will decide to cross-check, whom Kairav see and takes his mother’s name. Kariav somehow manages to reach Sirat. Here, Sirat’s family will welcome groom for her. Kairav will see Sirat and will hug her. He will call her mother. Sheela will ask Sirat about Kairav. Sirat will lie, Kairav is her son.

What new twist Sirat’s lie will bring in the show will be interesting to watch. Keep watching Rishta mon-sat on Star Plus.

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