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Star Plus famous daily Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai never fails to amaze it audience with its high voltage drama.

If you follow the show than you might be well aware of the current track. The current track of the show is focusing on Kartik and Sirat’s wedding. Sheela marks her entry in Sirat’s life yet again. Sirat doubts Sheela’s intention but Mainsh stops Sheela from leaving the house. Ahead, Riya reveals her plan for bringing Sheela to Goenka House.

There, Sirat gets furious with Sheela’s presence in the house. Kartik comes with Akshu to pacify Sirat. Sirat plays with Akshu. Akshu crawl and Sirat gets happy. She calls out Kartik and tells about Akshu crawling. Kartik gets elated. He asks Sirat to ask Akshu to show him too. Akshu doesn’t crawl. Kartik pulls Sirat’s leg. He further asks Sirat to take care of Akshu as he has to go out for some work. Sirat agree. Kartik thinks once he will come back than he will asks Sirat what she was about to tell him. Sirat plays with Akshu.

There, Sheela enjoys fruits. Riya comes and asks Sheela to reveal Sirat’s past else she will throw her out from the house. Sheela says to Riya not to over smart her because if she will go than she will take her along too. Riya gets irked with Sheela.

Other side, Suhasini asks Suwarna about Akshu. Kartik informs Suhasini and Suwarna that Akshu is with Sirat. He tells Sirat was upset thus, spending time with Akshu.

Later on, Akshu goes missing from Sirat. Sirat faces Akshu’s accusations. Goenka’s looks for Akshu.

Now in the upcoming episode viewers will witness high voltage drama. In the show ahead, Sirat will doubt on Riya. She will decode Riya is behind missing Akshu. Do Sirat will be able to find Akshu? Well, time will only tell. Keep watching the show mon-sat on Star Plus.

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