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Drama to galore in Star Plus longest running show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

In the upcoming episode, Sirat will get Kartik’s visiting card from Maudi’s stuff. Maudi will tell to Sirat it might be of the same person who drop her home. Sirat thinks to call Kartik and thanks him. Kartik gets shocked hearing Sirat’s voice.

So far in the episode it is seen, Mukesh insult Sirat and Maudi. Sirat loses her cool and says to Sheela, Mukesh is his step-father she understands but don’t justify her behaviour. She adds they brought tear in Maudi’s eye and she won’t bear it. Sirat destroys Sonu’s birthday cake and decoration. She goes to her room and cries. Here, Kartik tells to Kairav she didn’t find Naira. Kairav says to Kartik she don’t believe him but he believes Naira is alive. Kartik asks Kairav to come back home. Kairav refuses to accompany Kartik. Kartik asks Kairav to call him if he needs him ever.

Here, Sirat walk out from the house in hurry. Her friend accompany her. Maudi prays Sirat gets a good life partner. Kartik reach the same garden where Sirat goes. Sirat address her friend as frog. Kartik hearing frog recalls his moments with Naira. Sirat cries and tell to her friend about Sheela’s step behaviour towards her. Her friend asks Sirat to cry if she wants. Kartik fails to see Sirat but over hear the talk. Kartik feels bad hearing Sirat’s story. Sirat says to her friend that Maudi might be hungry and she should go back home. Kartik and Sirat walks aside but don’t see each other. Kartik feels Naira’s presence and about to see Sirat but call interrupt him. Sirat looks at Kartik and gets smitten.

It will be interesting to watch, what will happen when Sirat and Kartik’s path will cross each other.

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