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Colors show Nima Denzongpa, which has slowly gained popularity when we look at the TRP charts of color. With Nima growing as a strong individual women portraying how independent woman can become. The show has shifted to the lives of Nima’s daughter and their stories. Whereas with Suresh we still see his struggles with his second wife Tulika. Fans still are hoping for a perfect reunion of Suresh and Nima but right now it seems it has a long way to go.

In the current track, Shiv gets married just when Nima wants Shiv and Siya to reunite. Nima worries for her daughter’s heart to get broken. She remembers her days with Suresh. Siya is devastated learning about Shiv’s marriage but then calms herself and shows she is normal. Here, Paras realises his love for Mania and proposes to her. To Paras’s shock, Mania says yes and the duo become happy. Siya tells Nima that she wants to stay with Suresh, breaking Nima’s heart. Here, Paras tries telling Suman that he wants to cancel his marriage. Later, Tulika and Sunita think to ask neighbours about what issue Siya has. But they fail in doing so. When Siya recieves her first salary, she decides to inform Suresh and doesn’t talk to Nima about it. Here, Paras shares with Suman about how he doesn’t feel for Mitali. Nima talks out with Siya and makes her understand how she went through something very similar with Tulika coming in Suresh’s life. Here, Tulika decides to go to the bank of Siya and find out the matter even after given warning by Suresh to stay away from the matter. Mania and everyone are happy seeing Siya coming back to normal mood.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be interesting to watch Suresh questioning Tulika on getting herslef indulged in Siya’s matter. While, Mania and Paras slowly reveal about thier relationship to their families specially knowing Paras is engaged to Mitali, how they convince their families is the next track of the show.

Will Siya get over Shiv? Will Siya take a drastic step? How will Nima protect Siya? What is in fate of Mania and Paras? Will Suresh be successful in his plan? What is the next move of Tulika?