In a time where the demand for new content is on an all-time high, producer-writer Sonali Jaffar is on point with her show Qurbaan Hua. The unique love story touches multiple emotional layers of two characters while giving a meaningful backdrop to the show.

The multi-talented producer gives us an insight into what makes Qurbaan Hua a unique show and how everything in the story stands for an important meaning.

The show is set in the backdrop of Devprayag, a town in Uttarakhand known for its significance of rivers Alaknanda, Saraswati, and Bhagirathi meeting to give birth to Ganga.

Interestingly, there is a reason why the story is set up there. Sonali says, “The beauty of Devprayag is that it is the place where the Sangam happens that Alaknanda and Bhagirathi are two tributaries of the Ganges meet, and they become one. The strange thing is that one of these rivers is very turbulent and one of them is very calm. So it’s just like the lead characters of this love story.”

The show revolves around two characters of Chahat and Neel. While the two characters are very different, there is one common thread that binds them, which also sets the premise of the show.

“The title that signifies the characters’ journey where Neel gave up a lot for his family and also the journey of Chahat who is Qurbaan on her family. So basically these two people who are at the opposite ends of the spectrum have one thing in common that both of them are Qurbaan for their family.”

Sonali is also an acclaimed writer and that adds another angle to the way she looks at her stories.

” People have great expectations in terms of content. But I do have great expectations from myself in terms of content because I’m a writer, I don’t want to tell regular stories. So, I always look for that X-Factor or that differentiator in stories that are told by at least my Full house media. So yeah, it is like you’re putting your money where your mouth is, and you’re extending yourself to the fact that you are making the kind of TV that you would want to be associated with,” she says.

The show stars actors Karan Jotwani and Pratibha Ranta as the lead characters and their chemistry has been widely appreciated.

Commenting on the casting, Sonali says, “Innumerable auditions and screen tests were conducted and I don’t know how many girls and guys auditioned, But yeah it’s basically luck that you find the right actor that fits the character like a hand in glove. And we’ve been lucky with this casting of Qurbaan Hua,” she says.