Kartik Purnima is a Cindrella story of a dusky girl- Purnima, revolving around Kartik -Purnima’s love story and the biggest conflict – Kartik’s mother & if she will be able to win her mother in law, fight societal & family pressures.

The current track of the show focuses on the engagement preparations of Sumrit and Shanaya. In the midst of the engagement preparations, Soni bumps into Purnima in the shop and hated her due to her dark colour.

Soni again bump into Purnima at her house when Soni comes to meet Shanaya. Due to the misunderstanding she thinks that Purnima is the servant of the house, which Beena doesn’t bother to clarify.

To teach Purnima a lesson Soni tells Beena to send Purnima in Mehra house to help for the engagement preparations. Purnima comes to Mehra house where they make her work like a servant and Soni & Babli behaves very badly with her.

In the upcoming episode we will witness that that during the engagement there will be a fire accident. Where Beena’s dupatta will catch fire and Purnima will enter the scene to save Beena and calls her Maa.

Purnima’s real identity will get revealed infront of Soni that she is not the servant of the Arora’s in fact she is the elder daughter. Thus, Soni will decide to break the engagement of Sumrit and Shanaya.

It would be really interesting to see what happens next.

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