Scene begins in Bachelor party Fateh gives party to his friends including buzzo and some college mates also there. They are drinking and dancing there. Jasmin notices Tejo is staring some picture and crying. She hides her phone seeing Jasmin there. She gets doubt on her. Jasmin asks Tejo to sleep well because from tomorrow her marriage function starting her sister wanna looks pretty in all pictures. Tejo smiles to her and pretends like sleeping. Jasmin asks her to drink the milk and leaves. She dials to Fateh but he is not attending her call because he is busy in doing party. His friend buzzo notices his call and attends it in drunken state.

Jasmin understands its not fateh from his voice and enquires to him where is Fateh? He informs to her Fateh is doing part there. Jasmin gets angry to hear it because she asked him to don’t do it reasoning her father don’t like such things. Before she asking something more he disconnects the call. She gets angry on him just then one video call comes to her from Fateh and it’s went missed call like this she is getting message to her phone. Actually Buzzo passed out on Fateh mobile so his movements sending empty fails and calls to Jasmin because she is in recent call. Jasmin scolds Buzzo for sending such files to her. Jasmin gets one new video from him that’s none other Tejo proposing Fateh video. She gets shock to see it. She misunderstand that Tejo has feelings on him and he is the person her sister loving. She gets emotional and has no idea what to do next? She rushes to Tejo room and takes her mobile to check the picture which she was staring earlier? She couldn’t find any other picture then Fateh and Jasmin engagement picture. She confirms that she is heart broken because Fateh gonna marry Jasmin.

Jasmin cries for few minutes and goes out without informing to anyone there. Next day begins everyone wake up early. Satti asks Tejo to wake up Jasmin and sends her near to beautician then only she will come out on correct time. She needs extra time get ready in normal days itself but today is her marriage so she will definitely take one day to get ready. Tejo laughs with her and goes to check Jasmin. Jasmin is already woke and getting ready before anyone else. It’s a surprise to Tejo. Tejo appreciates her and teases her for looking so pretty. She uses Fateh name to tease Jasmin. She too smiles back with Tejo. Jasmin asks Tejo to go and get ready beautifully she will be there on time. Tejo agrees with her.

Screen froze

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