Scene begins in Rupy’s house. Marriage arrangements are going well there. Pandith starts chanting mantras there. Virk family arrives there and Fateh is sitting in mandap waiting for his bride. Rupy family is busy in welcoming the guest. Tejo helping pandith to arrange the things one side. Fateh gives his attitude look to Tejo whenever she comes in front of him. Tejo has no idea why is he always treating her in this way. She is bearing him because Jasmin loving him a lot. Pandith asks Satti to bring bride to Mandap reasoning its muhurth time. She signals to Tejo and she goes inside to bring Jasmin out but she is not coming out for long. Satti and Rupy feels something is fishy and goes to check there. Tejo informs to them she is nowhere to seen. They gets shock to find out Jasmin eloped from mandap but they doesn’t know reason behind it. After few minutes Rupy comes out and informs to all that his daughter betrayed them and eloped from Mandap.

Fateh gets shock to hear it he didn’t expected this at all. He dreamt a beautiful life with Jasmin and she went missing on her marriage day. He sits there like statue. He could only hear his mom badmouthing Rupy and his daughters upbringing. Virk also vent out his anger on them reasoning it will affect his political carrier. Heating arguments takes place between both families. Both are blaming each other family there. Rupy crosses his hands in front of him and says if he agrees then he will give Tejo hand for Fateh. Tejo gets shock to hear it. Fateh comes back to earth hearing it. Something running on his mind he is strongly believing Jasmin won’t betray him. She is loving him she has no other reason to call off this wedding or elope from Mandap. But there is only one thing keep haunting him that’s Tejo. He reminds the way Tejo proposed him and that collage incidents. Jasmin wishes to unite Tejo with her love. He confirmed that Jasmin sacrificed her love for her sister. Fateh is hell angry on both sisters for playing in his life.

Virk family is still discussing about the suggestion of Rupy to take Tejo hands. Fateh comes there and starts in front of Tejo. She stared him in confusing way. He holds her hand and takes her near the mandap forcefully. Tejo pleads with him to leave her hand but he is not in the mood to listen anyone words there. Before she reacting to anything he ties the nuptial chain around her neck and fills her hairline with vermilion. Tejo gets shock to see it all. She is standing there like a statue and does not know how to react to this incident. He takes 7 rounds around the sacred fire completing the marriage giving shock to both family members.

Screen froze.

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