Actor Sourabh Raaj Jain who is currently playing a passionate chef ‘Neil Oberio’ in Sony TV’s Patiala Babes, is winning a lot of hearts and praises for his unique character on the show!

While the role Sourabh has taken up at the moment is quite a refreshing and nice change to see from the genres he has played in the past, his character of a chef is also teaching him a lot of new things through the course of the shoot.

Cooking definitely being one of them, which Sourabh was earlier not too familiar with and even called himself someone who can just ‘cook to survive’, but is now getting much better at and has quite an upperhand in the kitchen!

For a recent track on the show, Sourabh had to cook up a bowl of noodles, for which he was shown a recipe on youtube, but besides that he even added in his own tadka into the flavour of the noodles which turned out to look like a pretty good dish!

Speaking about his recent cooking experiences on the show, Sourabh shares,“Earlier I was just someone who could cook to survive, but now through the course of shooting for Patiala Babes and my role being that of a passionate chef, I have surprisingly become quite good in the kitchen. Recently a track on the show required me to cook noodles, where I was shown a recipe on youtube for the same, but I started enjoying the cooking process so much that I added in some of my own masalas to get the flavour right and even mastered the right way of chopping onions and tomatoes for the dish. In the end the dish looked pretty good in fact, and some of the crew members even liked the way it tasted! Overall it was a fun dish to put up, even though it was just for the track on the show, but I thoroughly enjoyed making it. And I am just loving upping my game in the kitchen not only as ‘Neil Oberio’ but as ‘Sourabh Raaj Jain’ too!”.