Neeraj Pandey never fails to amaze the audiences with his piece of work.

He has some awesome collections right from his first directed film   A Wednesday (2008), Special 26 (2013) followed by Baby, Rustom and others!.

Well, adding more in the hit series, Neeraj Pandey’s directed web series ‘Special Ops’ is getting a positive response from the audiences. The series is a spy thriller that revolves around the very talented actor Kay Kay Menon’s character.

Special Ops tells the story of R&AW agent Himmat Singh who gave his 19 years to solve the case of 2001, Parliament Attack.

Himmat after quiet an analysis comes to a conclusion that the major terror attack on India is leading by just one mastermind. He fits his teams to different countries to catch the real culprit. His team has Farooq Ali (Karan Tacker), Abbas (Vinay Pathak), Bala (Vipul Gupta), Avinash (Muzzamil Ibrahim), Juhi (Saiyami Kher) and Ruhani (Meher Vij).

Karan Tacker returned to the screen after quiet a year and his performance in the series is a treat to watch. From a computer engineer to working for R&AW; his journey in ‘Special Ops’ is amazing! The way he kept his expression on point, holded his gestures during the tough situation that came into his way being Amjad; Karan tacker brilliantly played his role. And you can’t resist yourself from applauding his top notch performance.

Kay Kay Menon as Himmat Singh impressed us a lot with the flawless execution. Being an officer the way he was seen balancing his personal and professional life; Kay Kay stole the spotlight of the series. And he as Himmat Singh is the maker’s perfect choice. Undoubtedly, he made the audiences to hook to their seats throughout the series.

Vipul Gupta, Meher Vij, Saiyami Kher and Muzammil Ibrahim; well supported Kay Kay and Karan Tacker throughout their mission of finding the master mind. They all were expertise in their field and delivered equally amazing performance till the last.

The scene of the series started with the terrorist who were making the plan for entering the Parliament. They somehow manage to enter the Parliament as directed by their mastermind. The 4 of them were shot to death by the Indian army and the 5th terrorist was shot by their mastermind who was present inside the Parliament. Thus, revealing that not 5 but 6 terrorists were involved in the Parliament attack 2001.

Himmat Singh takes the charge of finding the mastermind and lastly gets succeed in catching him. The back and forth of the story will not distract you but by each passing episode will surely raise your curiosity more. The audit inquiry of Himmat Singh has some humor which also lightens environment of the intense drama.

Special Ops is highly enjoyable series that also has the glimpse of Himmat questioning to 26/11 terrorist ‘Kasab’. Neeraj Pandey never disappoints his audiences and this time too he will make you to hook to your seats. So without wasting more time, tune on ‘Special Ops’ on Hotstar now!

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