By Smita Pal| Rab Se Hai Dua by Zee TV, produced by Prateek Sharma is about a Haider and Dua, who play husband and wife. . But Ghazal is the second woman that Haider marries after he subsequently meets and weds her. The show launched recently and is winning the hearts of audiences with its compelling performers and gripping plot. Karanvir Sharma, Aditi Sharma and Richa Rathore play the lead in the show. Currently the track is about the hardships faced in Dua and Haider’s married life. 

Previously, the goons had wrongly kidnapped Dua for Ghazal and taken her hostage. Haider enters the scene to save Dua since he would not let anything happen to her.

Unexpectedly, he brings Ghazal along and gives her to the thugs in return for Dua. This surprises Dua, who has no intention of making Ghazal the victim.

Dua refuses to let Ghazal go to the goons and instead agrees to sacrifice her life. Which angers Haider and he says Dua to return to her family. Further, Ghazal also pleads Dua to let her go and sends her back to Haider.

What is Dua going to do? 

Spoiler Alert! Faltu: Ayaan saves Faltu from Pappi’s clutches

Boyhood Productions’ latest drama on Star Plus, “Faltu,” has begun to win over viewers with its compelling and sympathetic plot. Aakash Ahuja and Niharika Chouksey are the show’s main actors. The story revolves around Faltu, an unwanted girl who was given the name worthless by her parents who were upset that she was born a fourth daughter when they had expected a boy. The audience empathises strongly with the narrative and the protagonist, and the upcoming story will no doubt keep the audience entertained.

After Pappi discovered that Faltu was staying with Ayaan at Mittal House. He enters the Mittal home during the wedding to take away Faltu. Everyone is shocked as Pappi drags Faltu by hand and attempt to take her away. Faltu makes an effort to escape his grasp.

Ayaan intervenes to prevent Pappi from coercing Faltu into accompanying him. Tanisha becomes enraged by this and warns Ayaan to remain away from their situation.

However, Ayaan manages to free Faltu from Pappi’s clutches.