Rhea and Shaheer starrer show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is going to be a major twist, as you seen in recent episodes. Mishti angrily tells Kunal that he is not Meenakshi’s son rather Parul’s son, Kunal gets a big shock from this but Abir handles him, and tries to bring him out from this shock. But which leads to a misunderstanding between Abir and Mishti, Abir thinks Mishti deliberately told the truth to hurt Kunal, but Mishti angerily told all that to Kunal when she had no such intention. Mishti tries hard to tell this Abir but he can’t listening Mishti because Meenakshi play all this tricks to separating Abir from Mishti, and that’s why Mishti agreed to marrying Nishant, but later Abir knows all the truth of Mishti from Kuhu and then he is realized his mistakes, on other side Parul tells Kunal, that Meenakshi had placed a condition in front of Abir if he does not break his relationship with Mishti, she will expel Kunal and Parul from the house and declared to all that Kunal is her step son and that’s why Abir broke his engagement with Mishti. After this Kunal felt emotional and realized all his mistakes and decided to reunites Abir-Mishti. After which Kunal and Abir make a plan and go to Mishti and Nishant’s Roka ceremony to apologize to the Mishti but their plan gonna fail and Mishti’s Bade Papa throwout Abir from his house. Now Meenakshi creates new hurdle to separate Abir to Mishti, Meenakshi sends Parul to jail by false accusation and then once again blackmails Abir that if he wants to get Parul released then he will have to marry Meenakshi’s chooses girl in the evening. Now Abir has only 2 hours to tell Mishti all the truth before the registrar arrives. Now in the upcoming episodes, you will see that Karthik and Kunal disguise themselves to reach Mishti’s Sangeet so that Abir can talk to Mishti and tell her all the truth of Meenakshi. Now it will be interesting to see if Abir will be able to tell the truth to Mishti and will Mishti’s marriage stop?, Will Meenakshi trick is succeed or not?.

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