Sony SET most popular show Beyhadh 2 is all set for some major points in its storyline.

Earlier it was seen that MJ understood that it was Maya who faked love with Rishi and killed him. In a flashback Maya recalled how MJ, Amir, Sudip and Jogi had beaten her and even thrown her in the valley in order to kill her and the baby she had in her womb but she had survived. In the present MJ was shown grabbing Maya’s throat and threatening her but Rudra came between the two and took Maya’s side in front of his family who was blaming Maya for Rishi’s death. Even Ananya tried making Rudra understand that there is something wrong with Maya and also showed her Maya’s sketch made by Rishi but Rudra refused to listen to her and asked her to stop making up stories.

In the upcoming episodes MJ will be seen telling Rudra and Maya that they are those who got married but he will be the one to celebrate their marriage and declares that there will be Rudra and Maya’s reception party the day after tomorrow. While Rudra will be with Antara, MJ will go to Maya and will give her flowers and tell her that the game has started now. He will welcome Maya to hell and even wink at her. Maya will get frustrated.

What is MJ planning to do in the reception? How will Maya face the upcoming difficulties MJ will bring in her life?

All the questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what is going to happen next in your favorite show Beyhadh 2, keep watching the serial and stay tuned to this space for new daily updates.