In upcoming episode Dr. Ishani will be entrusted to cure Dr. Sid unknowingly by N.V. They have an argument as Dr. Ishani is not ready to any surgeries or so the doctor’s duty. He without looking at the file give duty to Dr. Ishani to take care of him just to keep her busy. The circumstances will make Dr. Ishani constantly unaware of the patient’s identity. She has the file but she never opens it to check the patient details.

Later, Nurse Philo and Bebe will find out Dr. Sid lying in unconscious state on the hospital bed. Nurse Philo is somehow happy to see him but worried about Dr. Ishani. On the other hand Bebe get worried that all three are under same roof. They anyhow will make excuse to keep Dr. Ishani away from Dr. Sid which sounds doubtful to Dr. Ishani. 

However, in forthcoming episodes NV and Dr. Ishani will be seen digging out a grave searching for Dr. Sid. NV points out that the soil is wet at one place and they dig. When they take out coffin and open it, Dr. Ishani will be shocked to see Dr. Sid. She even blurts out in front of NV who will be checking his pulse. 

How is Dr. Sid end up in a coffin under earth? Why is he unconscious? Why is NV and Dr. Ishani married? What is the cause of them behaving so mysteriously? Why nurse Philo and Bebe are so worried watching Dr. Sid and why they hid him from Dr. Ishani? All these things makes the plot intriguing to watch and with Dr. Sid’s comeback the mystery deepens. Do watch Sanjivani at the new time from today on Star Plus’. 

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