Sony SET new series Ekdujekevaste 2 has already managed to keep the audience hooked to the screens with its interesting storyline.

Earlier it was seen that an army event had been organized to give a medal to Suman’s father, Colonel Vijay. The latter invited his friend Devraj, who is Shravan’s father, to attend the event. While on one side Suman has been presented like a disciplined NCC cadet, Shravan is a mannerless guy who kept embarrassing himself during the event by breaking army rules.

Shravan also got to know that Suman is his father’s friend’s daughter and that she has the ticket for the match he had lost. In fact Suman and Shravan had earlier met when he bumped into her grandfather while pretending to be an army student

In the upcoming episodes Daduwill ask Shravan if he wants to drink in front of his parents. Devrajwill say that Shravan doesn’t drink alcohol. Dadu will reveal him that Shravan was drinking last night and in the morning he bumped into him while having coffee after stealing the jacket of an army officer. Devraj will get shocked hearing that and will be seen askingSuman if there can be changes in Shravan’s behavior if he gets admission in army school since he wants his son to learn some discipline.

Will Suman suggest Devraj to get Shravan’s admission in army school? Will Shravan agree to do that? Is this going to be a new beginning for Shravan and Suman’s love story?

It seems like the story has a lot to unfold. All the questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what is going to happen next in this new show Ekdujekevaaste 2, keep watching the serial and stay tuned to this space for new daily updates.